#808 Squidwid



Category Liquid Squid Pokémon
Original Region Sondar
National Dex Nr. #808
Sondar Dex Nr. #007
Generation VIII
Pokémon Color Blue
First Appearance Pokemon Nature, Pokemon Flare, and Pokemon Aqua
Type(s) Water
Average Height 2'09"
Average Weight 2.3 lbs.
Evolves From None
Squidwid is one of the three starters new trainers can receive in the Sondar Region, in the game Pokemon Nature, Pokemon Flare, and Pokemon Aqua. It's the Water Type Starter, along with Thorcera (who is the Grass Type Starter), and Ashow (who is the Fire Type Starter).


Squiduid is a small hexapod, being made completely out of river water. It has a yellow exoskeleton to help keep the water "together", and are usually known to blend in with currents.

PokeDex Entries

Pokemon Nature

Squiduid has a body made out of water, that is held together by an exoskeleton. The are often shy, and hide in the water. However, they open up to those they trust.

Pokemon Flare

Squiduid is actually an exoskeleton. However, it creates an exterior of water. This exterior helps it to camouflage in rivers, streams, oceans, or any body of water.

Pokemon Aqua

Squiduid is made purely out of water. This water can dry up, so it must stay hydrated. Their liquid body is also used for camouflage in various different bodies of water.