Squid Dood's Adventures is one of the games from "Random awesomecartoongames!" It follows the Quest of two best aquatic animorphic friends, Squid Dood (Dood) and Taco Meat, who must defeat the evil Garbadock, a Garbage Man who wants to turn their ocean into his own garbage playground. The creator of this game is awesomecartoongames's friend MaxGreenKnight.

Plot and Gameplay

On a regular day in the ocean, Dood and Taco Meat are playing tag. Suddenly, many dune bugs start coming out of the sky and attacking all the sea creatures. Then, a large green whale comes in and blows Squid Dood, Taco Meat and their friends Krako, a Krab, and Pop, a Puff-Fish, away to a faraway underwater swamp. They then all decide to get back to their home and beat the leader of the evil dune bugs, the Terminator. The gameplay is almost excactly like Mario, except no power ups, and the enemies are much harder, also, the player(s) need two hits to lose a life.

Playable Characters and NPCs

Squid Dood is always player one, the other 3 players can choose what character they want to be.

Squid Dood- The King of Krustations. Jumps fairley high, and uses his birthday ray-gun.

Taco Meat- Amp up the Amphibians. Jumps the highest. He uses his hot taco squirt gun.

Krako- Think Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob, but a little less greedy. He jumps the lowest and uses his water gun.

Pop- He likes soda. That's it. He jumps second lowest, but makes up for it by his speed and his thorn missle attack.

Dune Bugs-They are one of the two standard enemies. They can fly and shoot fart balls.

Billy Load- One of the two standard enemies.The run fast and use they're apple throw attack.

The Stinker- The skunk boss of Aquatic Swamp. He blows his farts at you and swats you with his tail.

Egg Hatch- A giant green chicken, who is the boss of Beach Farm. He throws eggs and pecks.

Tomator- Termintor's right hand man and the boss of Rotten Jungle. He uses his tomato cannon and his jet pack.

Rabbid Rabbit- A rabie infested hare who is the boss of Crazy Coral. He spits rabbie balls and stomps.

The Terminator- He is the final boss. He uses his jet pack, gas gun, garbage trap and claw gun.

  • This game is pretty crazy.
  • It is the first game of the " Random awesomecartoongames".
  • It sadly has low chances of a sequel.

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