Art From Mainstream
Full Name Squid
Current Age 6
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Minecraft Squid
Location  ??
Current Status Punching a Random <insert your name here>
Class Melee
Main Weapon(s) Punching you in the face
Ability/ies Punching People, Being Derpy, Super Farm Animal Powers
Vulnerable To Heat, Cheesecake
Super Derp Squid (Adventures of Super Moo Cow and Spytato (And Friends) Anyone who doesnt really know him

Inky (Super Moo Cow) Squid(Mainstream

Squid is a Minecraft Squid he is in both Mainstream and The Adventures of Super Moo Cow and Spytato (And Friends)

Mainstream Description

Squid is a Minecraft Squid who was kicked out of the Resources due to him having curves. he has a weird sense of humor and thinks death is hilarious. He is a good friend to the leader of the Underworld and is suprisingly smart for his tiny brain.

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