A Squee-G
Species Origin Robot
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)

Squee-Gs, also known as Suckerfish, are tiny, robotic enemies as part of the Octarian army. They are usually clinging on any kinds of surface: from ground to walls to ceilings, and they suck up any ink they detect. Moreover, they are invincible and cannot be affected by the ink that Inklings shoot, making them kind of a nuisance.


Squee-Gs are small, silver-colored robots with fish aspects. They have a darker grey plate on their back that also has a polka-dot pattern. Their small fins, large eyes and thick lips on the underside appear to be cyan colored, and flash yellow then they detect ink.

Due to Squee-Gs are tiny and silvern, they could be referencing the remora, also known as suckerfish. However, due to them having thick lips and small whiskers, they are more likely designed after the hypostomus, which is also called a sucker fish.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Inku Kurīnā
Ink Cleaner
ItalianScoloratorA robot-sounding name with a -s prefix which indicates the absence of colore (color).

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