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Power in the palm of your hand.
Advertising slogan for the Squarebomb

The Squarebomb is a portable gaming console developed by Pixelburst Gaming to support many of their games, as several would be quite different without it. It is most easily defined by its immense power, high battery life, and slightly larger size.


The Squarebomb is rectangular in shape, with a single touch screen in the center and raised portions with controls on either side. On the left is a d-pad, and on the right is a set of four buttons. These buttons are marked with and named after the Greek letters α (alpha), ß (beta), γ (gamma), and δ (delta). Each side is also equipped with a flat analog stick, positioned above the d-pad and buttons. The Squarebomb is also equipped with two sets of trigger buttons - the inner trigger buttons, labelled ΨL and ΨR (psi-L and psi-R), and the outer trigger buttons, labelled ΩL and ΩR (omega-L and omega-R). There is a small camera on the outside of the system.

As far as size goes, the Squarebomb is much larger than most systems. Many compare it to the Wii U gamepad when it comes to size comparisons, and claim the Nintendo product to be smaller by a few inches. The device can be made smaller and easier to store by sliding the previously-mentioned raised areas on which the controls are set inwards, causing them to cover the screen and make the device more square-shaped. These "covers" are locked in place when the device is active to prevent it from accidentally occurring during play. The Squarebomb also comes with a shoulder strap.


Though the Squarebomb features no out-of-the-ordinary apps, it's biggest selling point is its power. The game system trades size for the ability to run more powerful games with ease. One of the most noteworthy examples is how the system is able to almost effortlessly handle Super Smash Bros. Endeavor - a game from a series known for having difficulty on portable consoles. It also possesses a large battery to make up for this, allowing players to easily match the amount of play time on other consoles of the generation.

Aside from its power, the Squarebomb is fairly ordinary. Its games primarily come it cartridge form, but can also be purchased from an online shop. The system possesses a clock, an internet browser, and a camera.

Current Titles

  • Inverse
  • Frog's Fury
  • Black_White_Red