Sqak the Bird
Sunny Villa's fastest bird can outrun anyone!
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Species Bird
Location Sunny Villa
Align Good
Current Status Active
Class Main Protagonist
Family and Relations
Skip (Best Friend)
Makayla (Left neighbor)
Blatly (Right neighbor)
Robin (Closest Childhood Friend)
Ability/ies Speed, Pecking, Hovering and Gliding.
First Appearance Skip and Sqak
Series Skip and Sqak
Sqak is one of the two Main Protagonists of the Skip and Sqak Reboot series, along with Skip. He is a red bird who lives on Sunny Villa Island, and his first adventure began when he met Skip and joined him on a quest to stop Emperor Dante from seizing control over the Peacific Ocean islands. He is also the second leader of Sunny Villa's Island Defenders, Skip's older brother figure, and Robin's childhood friend.

Main History

Skip and Sqak

During the Lectroad's raid on Sunny Villa, Sqak meets a newborn Skip who rescues him from a pack of Creepers by beating them all senseless. Sqak and Skip decide to work together to save every single island from the Lectroad's invasion. After the two saved Sunny Villa from Dante's Island-Tizer machine, they became defenders of Sunny Villa.

Skip and Sqak 2


Other Appearances

Blatly and Imp: Northern Menace

He and Skip are never seen at all in this game until the final boss and 100% ending.

Prior to the events of this game, Sqak and Skip have been invited up in Carnaga to guest star in a maple syrup commercial hosted by Sully the Bear. Once the duo were up in Sully's Syrup building, their old enemy Dr. Gearz breaks into the company and freezes them in a giant grape popsicle as part of the robot's plan to become a rich entrepreneur again and as revenge for shutting down his factory. After Blatly and Imp arrived to Sully's Syrup (renamed "Toxic Co.") and defeated Gearz's robotic lackey Toxic, Skip and Sqak are free from their popsicle prison and thank their two close friends for saving the day. He and Skip walk over to Dr. Gearz and beat up the robot for freezing them.

Skip and Sqak Racing

Sqak appears as a starter playable character and a member of Team Sunny. In this game, Sqak wears a blue suit with a helmet, dark blue gloves and footwear. His sole vehicles is the Flaming Falcon.