Sqak Bird
Sqak is one of the 2 primary protagonists of Skip and Sqak. He is a red bird with blue eyes. He is adopted by Mia and he Helps Skip fight Emporer Dante. In the third game, it is revealed that Sqak is actually a Pasiku Bird.

Skip and Sqak

Sqak first appeared in the intro with his step mother, Mia, trying to fix a jet boat so they can go see the world. They find a blue frog running to their door step and he asks them to help him on his quest to stop Emporer Dante from invading the universe. The frog also believes that a scientist can also help prevent the invasion, like Dr. Tron. Sqak agrees and takes the frog on his jet boat that he fixed. While on the boat, Sqak names the frog "Skip" and together they try to save the universe. After saving some islands, the duo finally find tron in Black Water Stream. Tron tries to test the two by making them cross his death course in his Under Ground Lab. After finishing the trials, Skip and Sqak get sent down to an arena by Tron to get killed by his Robot Gorilla.

After defeating the robot, Sqak became rough at Skip, blaming him for falling into the trap. so through out the game, Both heroes are now mean to each other, but after seeing a Crystal eye of an island taken over by the ants, Sqak apologizes to Skip for not listening to him. And so, the 2 go off, save more islands, and finally defeat Dante.

After defeating Emporer Dante, Sqak and Skip became the heroes of the world, and Sqak now has Skip for a brother.


Sqak is the older brother of Skip. Sqak used to have a crush on Robin, but when she fell for Roshan, he had a depression. Later he fell in love with Tara, who Ravi is also falling for, and since Skip and Sqak 2, Sqak and Ravi became terrible rivals. Sqak tries the best he could to be cool in order to impress Tara, but Ravi will try to screw things up for him.

When he was 10, Sqak used to be impatient but now that he's 13 he grew up but sometimes gets a little impatient these days. He also acts more serious than his male friends.

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