SSBEC Magic Icon Spyro
Spyro 3 - Angry
Universe: Spyro the Dragon
Debut: Spyro the Dragon (1998)
Availability: Default
Voiced by: Josh Keaton (English)
Spyro is the main protagonist of the Spyro the Dragon series, and a primary protagonist in the Skylanders series.

He appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Elemental Clash, representing the Magic element.


  • Jumps: 4
  • Weight: Medium
  • Wall Cling: No
  • Crawl: Yes

Spyro is a balanced character based around dealing damage from a short range. He is one of few characters in the game who can temporarily glide.

Neutral Attacks

  • Jab Combo: Headbutts twice.
  • Side Tilt: Spins around and whips his tail.
  • Up Tilt: Bucks his head upwards.
  • Down Tilt: Breathes a tiny spurt of flames while crouching.
  • Dash: Ducks head and rams forward.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral: Spins in place.
  • Forward: Swipes his claws forward.
  • Back: Claps his wings behind him, pushing him ahead slightly.
  • Up: Stabs his horns above him.
  • Down: Stomps his back legs downwards. Standard meteor smash.

Smash Attacks

  • Up: Charges, then swings his head upwards.
  • Side: Charges, then releases a tiny explosion of flames.
  • Down: Charges, then flaps his wings hard, creating a wind effect.

Grabs & Throws

  • Grab: Grabs the opponent with his jaw.
  • Pummel: Bites down.
  • Forward Throw: Swings his head around and throws the opponent away.
  • Back Throw: Turns around and breathes fire, creating a small explosion that sends the opponent flying away.
  • Up Throw: Places the opponent on his head and stabs them with his horns.
  • Down Throw: Puts the opponent on the ground and slams them with his tail.

Special Moves

Neutral Special Dragon Breath Spyro unleashes a spurt of flames from his mouth. These flames deal minor knockback and only 12% of damage. Can be charged to become bigger and deal 25% of damage.
Custom 1 Daybringer Breath A larger and more powerful fire breath. Takes twice as long to charge and recharge.
Custom 2 Thunder Breath Replaces the fire with lightning. Comes out faster, but isn't nearly as powerful.
Custom 3 Icy Breath Replaces the fire with ice. Freezes opponents when fully charged, but deals no damage regardless.
Custom 4 Magical Breath A combination of the Dragon, Thunder, and Ice Breath. Whichever one you use is randomly picked.
Side Special Charge Spyro lowers his head and charges forward for as long as the button is held, and can change direction. Spyro can only be knocked out of this attack with stronger attacks.
Custom 1 Armor Charge Spyro cannot be knocked out of the attack and takes less damage, but moves much slower while using it.
Custom 2 Quick Charge Only lasts the length of a button tap. Spyro charges forward and takes no damage or knockback, but has no control.
Custom 3 Inferno Charge Spyro becomes engulfed in flames while using the move. Invincible at first, but becomes vulnerable after a while.
Custom 4 Slip Charge Spyro deals no damage to opponents, but instead causes them to trip.
Up Special Spyro's Flight Spyro takes off in a loop, which damages opponents, and then shoots upwards a good distance. This move works as an effective recovery.
Custom 1 Dragon's Flight Ditches the loop and just takes off, reaching a greater distance at the expense of not having a hitbox.
Custom 2 Blustery Flight Spyro creates a burst of wind upon initiating the move, pushing opponents away from him.
Custom 3 Combo Flight A powerful loop attack with great knockback, at the expense of not being a very effective recovery.
Custom 4 Spiral Flight Spyro loops and barrels through opponents, damaging them rapidly as he does so.
Down Special Earth Pound Spyro jumps up into the air, unless he's already airborne, and slams into the ground head-first, damaging any opponents he comes into contact with.
Custom 1 Grounded Pound Buries opponents on contact, but doesn't deal as much damage.
Custom 2 Quake Pound Spyro hits the ground harder to create rock pillars that damage opponents. Takes longer to pull off.
Custom 3 Quick Pound Doesn't take as long to pull off, but leaves Spyro more vulnerable after using it.
Custom 4 Dragon Pound Spyro creates a patch of flames after hitting the ground that temporarily give him super armor.
Final Smash Dragon Eruption Spyro's eyes glow white as he gains a flaming aura that causes pillars of fire to erupt all over the stage, damaging and knocking away anyone who comes into contact with them.
Custom Final Smash Master of the Elements Spyro's eyes glow white as he uses all his elemental abilities in battle, creating flames, summoning lightning, freezing opponents, and causing earthquakes.


  • Entrance: Spyro lands on the ground and unfolds his wings, ready to fight.
  • Up Taunt:
  • Side Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Victory 1:
  • Victory 2:
  • Victory 3:
  • Loss: Spyro looks down, looking disappointed in himself.

Color Swaps

Purple Purple scales and orange horns, spikes, wings, and underbelly. Spyro's default color swap based on his standard appearance.
Red Red scales and yellow horns, spikes, wings, and underbelly. Based on Flame from A Hero's Tail and Shadow Legacy.
Blue Blue scales, dark blue horns, spikes and wings, and beige underbelly. Is not based on anything in particular.
Dark Red Grey-purple scales, silver horns and spikes, and dark red wings and underbelly. Based on Cynder from the Legend of Spyro games.
Dark Blue Dark blue scales, and gold horns, spikes, wings, and underbelly. Based on the Legendary Spyro variant from the Skylanders series.
Black Black scales, and silver horns, spikes, wings, and underbelly. Based on the Dark Spyro variant from the Skylanders series.
Pink Pink scales, hot pink spikes, blue eyes, yellow horns and white underbelly. Based on Ember from A Hero's Tail and Shadow Legacy.
Yellow Yellow scales, orange spikes, and golden horns, spikes, wings, and underbelly. Is not based on anything in particular.
Skyro A bonus costume unlocked after beating All-Star Mode with Spyro. Takes the model of Spyro's design from the Skylanders games.

Trophy Descriptions


Spyro (Alt.)

Dragon Eruption (Final Smash)

Master of the Elements (Final Smash)

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