Spyro & Kirby's Adventure is a crossover game featuring Spyro characters, and Kirby characters. The game is for the Playstation, and for the Nintendo Wii. The game has been published by Nintendo

Playable Characters

Their are 4 characters playable in the game. Two from the Spyro series, And two from the Kirby series.

Default Characters

There are a lot of characters in the game, A lot of default, lot of unlockable, And some that are downloadable.

Character Info Attributes
Kirby 3Kirby Kirby is the main character from the Nintendo video game series, Kirby. He has been created by Masahiro Sakurai at Nintendo in 1992. Kirby is a rather slow character, But can float in the air for a longer time.

Unlockable Characters

Image Info Attributes How To Unlock
Spyro 2Spyro The Dragon Spyro The Dragon is the legendary PlayStation character from Insomniac. He is a purple fire-breathing dragon, That is voiced by actor, Tom Kenny. Spyro runs faster then Kirby, But floats less. He's also stronger. In the first level, Save him by the boss.

Downloadable Characters

Image Info Attributes
Meta Knight 2Meta Knight Meta Knight is Kirby's sword, masked sidekick from most Kirby games, created by Sakurai at Nintendo, in 1993. Alongside Spyro, He is a fast character, And attacks strong. But he jumps low.
Hunter The CheetahHunter The Cheetah Hunter is Spyro's ally, And best friend of Spyro. Hunter is the fastest character in the game, But his attacks are weaker, And jumps very low.


One day Kirby, King Dedede, & Meta Knight were walking, Then all of a sudden, Kirby saw a secret portal in Dream Land. Some unknown creature came out, and took Meta Knight's power away, and took him to Ripto's [Spyro's Main Villain] Castle. Kirby, & King Dedede jumped in to save him. When they got out of the portal, Ripto came, and cast a spell on King Dedede, And told him to be a villain again. Then Ripto, And King Dedede became teammates, and set out to destroy Kirby. Ripto burned a piece of the ground, Then Kirby was about to fall, But then Spyro came to come and rescue him. But Kirby thought Spyro was an enemy of Ripto's, So he turned into Sword Kirby, Then pushed Spyro down the cliff. But then, A Boss came, And was squeezing Spyro, Then Kirby went in, And set out to rescue him. After you defeat the boss, You immediately, Unlock Spyro The Dragon. Then the quest to rescue Meta Knight begins.


Their is 5 levels from each series, meaning their is a total of 10 levels overall, besides the boss areas.

Spyro Levels

  • Fireworks Factory
  • Dragon Shores
  • Mountain Of Malefor
  • Swamp
  • Convexity

Kirby Levels

  • Fountain Of Dreams
  • Dream Land
  • Halberd
  • Green Greens
  • Cookie Country

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