Spyborg: The Collection is a collection of games in the Spyborg series. It's game system is the DS-u.

Spyborg: The Collection|A new game by 1337DOOM!
This is a NEW Fan Game created by 1337doom, THE KING OF KIRBY!.
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Gem Feature

In the game there are many gems. When you collect gems, you gain the ability to transform into different versions of yourself (Like Wario:Master of Disguise). There is also a winner gem, which you get at the end of the game.

Spyborg Original System: Nintendo DS-u Rated E10+

Story: In an old, abandond, cyborg factory, there lived a very important creature. His name was Spy, and he was here to steal a gem. He wore a dark cloak, a top hat, and had long, spidery legs. Suddenly, he fell into the machine. In front of him was the gem he wanted, but it was stuck in a glass case. Startled, he jumped out of the machine. On the ground was a small mirror. He picked it up and looked in front of him. He had a bionic eye, and his arms were robotic claws. Yessss.... he said. He was ready to find that gem, wherever it was!

Online feature: You may create your own cyborg to use in co-operative gameplay. This compilation version allows you to have more items for custimization. Additionaly, Spy-chat is added to your Picto-chat settings on the DS-u menu when you play online.

Gameplay: This game is a 3D run-around-jump-and-attack game, and it plays very similar to ShadowShack. It is often considered to take place in the future version of ShadowShack's lands, thus being a ShadowShack spin-off.

Gems: There is only one gem in the game, the Red Glass Gem. This is the winner gem for the game.

Spyborg 2 Master of Evil Original System: DS-u Rated T

Story:Spyborg has been a thief for a while, but one day the gem broke! Spyborg found one piece and found out he could change forms! So, he tried to find them all!

Online feature: You may design your own Spyborg again, but now you make it your special form! Then you run around getting gems with other people and turning into your special form. You may use Spy-chat.You may download special forms and bonus levels.

Gameplay: This game is in 3D, but is part-platformer sidescroller and on most boss battles theres a big 3D arena.

Gems:Here are the gems.

  • Flyer Spyborg: The first gem. You can fly and have more strength with this.
  • Dragon Spyborg:You can also fly, but you have less health. You can blow small fire.
  • Crusher Spyborg:You become a giant ice face. You can freeze things and break down big structures.
  • Newt Spyborg: You can fit through small areas and stun enemies with venom. You can jump very high and far. Your health sometimes regenerates.
  • Shadow Spyborg: You can enter shadows and get into shadowy hiding places. You can destroy opponents with shadows.
  • Invisible Spyborg:Defenseless, but no enemies can see you.
  • Center Gem:Winner gem.

Spyborg 3 Zurkonite Original system: Nintendo DS-u Rated E10+

Story:After getting all the gems and fighting the monsters who wanted them, Spyborg was ready... then, out of nowhere a little camera appeared! "Hello, little camera! Little, little camera! Oh, I'm going to get you-" Spyborg reaches forward... "OW!" The camera zaps him with electricity and runs away. A huge meteor crashes to the ground! "OW!" yelled Spyborg, again. Spyborg picks up a piece of the meteor and decides to go rob a low-security bank.

Online feature: You can use Spy-Chat again, and you can compete in battle tournaments with your friends. You may play bonus levels and design your own Spyborg, but the huge world is gone...

Gameplay: Sometimes 3-D and sometimes 2-D, but the graphics are still 3D.

Gems: There are few gems in this game, so many people disliked it.

  • Rock Spyborg: No attacks but tons of health.
  • Cloaked Spyborg: Can posses enemies and control them.
  • Zurkonite:The winner gem
  • Classic Gem: Bonus gem, you can use all the forms from game two.

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