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Spy Hunter
SpyHunter logo
Developer(s) TalixArts
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
May 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action/Racing
Media Included Unknown

Spy Hunter is a upcoming 3D action/racing game for the Wii U that will be released in May 2013. The game will be a reboot to the 1985 and 2001 Spy Hunter games


When a old friend of his gets kidnapped because of knowledge of a powerful weapon, newly recruit Drake Foster is ordered by the FBI's established secret Interceptor Unit to take control of the Interceptor--a super powered spy car--to use it to save his friend, disable the weapon, and stop the masterminds behind the kidnapping.


The game will be similar to the previous games with the objectives to destroy things like enemy weapons, equipment and communications towers, to avoid civilian casualties, to tag things with tracking devices.


The car features weapons and tools as the original arcade and 2001 game like the machine guns, oil slick, smoke screen, missiles, tracking devices, and flamethrower.

However there are new weapons and tools:

-New weapons:

  • Fire bombs (Like flamethrower, the Interceptor will blast bombs that will create a limited inferno)
  • EMP missiles (Missiles designed to create a electromagnetic pulse to stop any vehicle or device)
  • Tire spikes (The tires will have ability to fire sharpened spikes to destroy enemies tires)

-New tools:

  • Cloaking (Invisibility)
  • Fading (Ability to fade in and out)
  • Minimization (Ability to shrink)

Interceptor modes

The Interceptor will mainly be featured as a car, yet will be able to morph into a boat, motorcycle, and a attack helicopter. Players will be able to morph using the Wii U Gamepad touchscreen or using the WiiMote and Wii U ProController by pressing A+Z.

Mulitplayer/Online mode

Info would not be revealed until November 2012.


  • Left-Analog stick = Steering wheel
  • Right-Analog stick = (N/A)
  • Directional buttons = Directory
    • Up = Tools scroll
    • Down = Tools scroll
    • Right = Weapons scroll
    • Left = Weapons scroll
  • A button = Stop
  • B button = Reverse
  • X button = Fire weapons
  • Y button = Target
  • LB button = Boost
  • RB button = Flight
  • Home button = Menu screen
  • + = Options
  • - = Pause
  • Touchsreen = Map/Directory/Camera/Morph mode


  • Agent Drake Foster: Protagonist and controller of the Interceptor
  • Field Agent Max: Colleague of Drake, who gets kidnapped by CHAOS
  • IU Director Lewis Bell: Commander of the Interceptor Unit.
  • Dr. Penleope Hargrove: Creator of Project Interceptor
  • CHAOS Organization
    • Striker: leader and main antagonist
    • Chase: commander of CHAOS troops
    • Agents of CHAOS


  • Interceptor: the spy car that is the main focus of the game
  • CHAOS Fighters: specially equipped black cars
  • CHAOS Tankers: specially equipped black armored tanks
  • CHAOS Gliders: speically equipped black hovercrafts

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