Unten's brother
Full Name Spunten
Current Age 15
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Location Unknown
Current Status Deceased
Class Unknown?
Spunten, Annoyance, Brother
First Appearance Tragedy (2015)
Spunten is the 15 year old "honorary brother" of Unten, first seen in Tragedy (2015). Although he is deceased, he has appeared in several of Unten's flashbacks and is a key part of why Unten regrets the destruction of Zeon so much.

In the original concept that was outlined by Doodlefox he was former henchman to Lord Acriss. He found Unten when all the other heroes were banished and turned to stone and became an honorary Fantendo Hero after defeating his old master. When Unten was found, Spunten revealed that not only do they had 25 brothers and 25 sisters, but are also the first born ones. This was completely reworked for his appearance in Tragedy and has almost nothing to do with his current appearances.


Spunten wears glasses, black cargo pants, and a black hoodie. Similar to Netnu and Forrester, his fur color is red. His eyes, nose, and mouth are all black. He has pink irises. He is the same height and weight as Unten.


Spunten is regarded as fairly annoying at first by Unten and many of the other characters in the game, with no concept of danger or caution. However it is later revealed he has a forgiving heart and one that is willing to give up his life for the people he loves.


Tragedy (2015)

Spunten is perceived as annoying by Unten at first, with some of his annoying mannerisms being that he thinks Unten is his brother and that he wants to join Unten in his adventure. Over the course of the story, Spunten will usually show up in some highly dangerous situation from following Unten and Unten having to get him out of danger. He finally snaps at him in the third act of the game, leaving Spunten in tears as he heads towards the drill. After battling UNT3N, with the loss of Fanti, he sees Spunten again and realizes how mean he was, apologizing and learning that Spunten has no idea where his family is. At the end of the game as the escape pods launch off Zeon, Unten is barely able to make it but Spunten manages to help him by sparing his life, with the image of him waving one of the last things Unten sees before leaving Zeon.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Appears in flash backs towards the end of the story mode.

Fantendo - Genesis

Appears at the start, recapping the end of Tragedy (2015).


  • Virus likes to morph into Spunten just to tease Unten.
  • He is the first character in the New Fantendoverse to officially die.
  • He was aged down to 15, compared to his original age of 19.
  • His name is a mix of Sprout and Unten, because the original character had a nack for plants. It is unknown if the rebooted version still does.