Spryo the Dragon Online is an online game made for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and the computer.


The gameplay resembles the original Spyro the Dragon game for the Playstation. When you turn on the game, you may log in or create an account. After getting set up with your custom dragon, you can choose one of forty different servers. The servers are shared between all 3 consoles. Then you go into the world. You can choose which Homeworld to visit, but some are locked and others are not released yet. In each homeworld, there are various people and other dragons to talk to, and you can also talk to other players and form Alliances (similar to a Friend system on various websites) so that you can keep track of the people you meet. Another important feature of the Homeworlds are the Gates. Step into a gate to travel to the world named on the gate. In this world, or "Realm", there are people, monsters, minigames, and more. To fully clear a Realm, you must collect all the gems and save all the Dragons. There is a small reward for collecting a dragon, and a large reward for collecting all the gems in a Realm. There are also other collectibles such as the Dragon Egg, which is stolen by the Egg Thieves, and will give you very rare genetic modifications to your dragon (such as changing the nose design) and the Lizard, which is collected when you complete a skateboarding mission and can upgrade the look and powers of your Dragonfly.

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