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Sprixie Princesses
460px-Fairy Group Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
The seven Sprixie Princesses from Super Mario 3D World
Leader(s) Unreffered/All
Align Good
(Notable) Members
Green Sprixie Princess
Yellow Sprixie Princess
Blue Sprixie Princess
Cyan Sprixie Princess
Purple Sprixie Princess
Orange Sprixie Princess
Red Sprixie Princess
Founded at/in Unknown
Defunct at/in N/A
First Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Latest Appearance Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Oh, dear.......Bowser is invading the Mushroom Kingdom!
Sprixie Princesses, Super Mario Crystalline World

The Sprixie Princesses are a group of seven female characters from Super Mario 3D World. They act as the rulers of the Sprixies, a race of fairies who play a big role in the game. They act as the game's characters in distress, replacing Princess Peach, who does not take her usual role due to being a playable character. They are similar to the Subcons in Super Mario Bros. 2.


All Sprixie Princesses use a dress that goes down to their feet. Each dress has a color that combines to the sprixie princess´s basic color. It has a spiked pattern and a jewel in the center of the dress. They each have a different hairstyle, making them original and not a recolor copy. They wear gloves similar to Princess Peach´s. They have normal crown with no specific accessories.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Crystalline World

All Sprixie Princesses along with two new other ones being the basic colors pink and grey-black have to be rescued once again by Mario and Co. They are rescued in the following order:

Green Sprixie Princess/Princess Gaia
Pink Sprixie Princess/Princess Candyce
Blue Sprixie Princess/Princess Wateryl
White Sprixie Princess/Princess Snow
Yellow Sprixie Princess/Princess Stella
Orange Sprixie Princess/Princess Rockanne
Purple Sprixie Princess/Princess Magika
Grey Sprixie Princess/Princess Darknessa
Red Sprixie Princess/Princess Kalienta
Cyan Sprixie Princess/Princess Crystal


Solo Art



Group Art



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