Sports Street is the last track of the Flower Cup in Mario Kart 9.


Sports Street is a looper, like Mount Wario in Mario Kart 8. The track takes inspiration from different Mario Sports games, including Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Mario Strikers and Mario Super Sluggers.

Lap 1

The first lap starts at the tee boxes of a golf hole. The drivers have to avoid water hazards, sand traps and falling golf balls. Toads, Shy Guys and Yoshis can be seen in the stands, and playing golf off to the sides. When the player gets to the green, they will enter a forest path that takes the track to the second lap.

Lap 2

The player exits the forest and enters a tennis match. The player must avoid the Boos playing Tennis and the net. Toads, Shy Guys and Yoshis line the stands. The player will exit off a ramp, jump out of the exit into a soccer stadium, over the first net. The player must now avoid the soccer balls and players as they get to the exit of the soccer stadium. This leads to a baseball stadium.

Lap 3

The final lap starts out with the players circling a baseball diamond (the dirt will slow down Karts) and gliding out over right field. This leads to the final leg of the race - an Olympic style race track. Simple, yet closing perfectly, the player will circle the track and head to the finish line (the first end is blocked off by a pole vault, and the grass will slow down Karts). In the final stretch, the cheering of the Toads, Shy Guys and Yoshis in the stands escalates as the Karts cross the finish line.

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