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Spore kart is a game in the Spore series. As the name suggests, you play as titular Spore characters


The Game is just like Mario Kart, except you play as spore characters in spore stages.


Meteor Cup

Mushroom Valley-An easy course. Good for beginners.

Freezle-An ice stage with slippery ground.

Desert Derby-A course based on an Adventure.

Moonlit Caverns-A tricky stage with winding tracks.

Cell Cup

Cell Stage-An underwater stage based on Spore's first level.

Creature Beach-A hard stage that goes underwater.

Inside the giant creature-A stage that takes you into the Giant Creature's body.

Space Stage-A hard stage. Watch out for Grox ships!

Spiral Cup

Epic Alley-A racecourse filled with Epic Creatures.

Tamaranian Jungle-The home of the Tamaranian Hoppers.

Meteor Storm-Watch out for falling Meteors!

Grox Raceway-A stage based on everyones favorite little monsters!

Spaceship Cup

Mothership Down-A course based on the adventure of the same name.

Creepy Raceway-A scary level filled with creepy creatures.

Cute raceway-The exact opposite of Creepy Raceway

Spoffit Dreams-A raceway all about SPOFFITS!

Maxis Cup

Sim City-A level based on Maxis' first series!

Darkspore-A dark level based on spore's more grown-up counterpart.

Maxis Office-A tour of the Maxis interior!

Maxisland-Welcome to Maxisland! A world of Spore and Sims!


Like all spore games, you have the oppurtunity to create a character.

Custom Character 1

Custom Character 2

Custom Character 3

Custom Character 4

Custom Character 5(Unlockable)

Medium Characters

Meejee-Speed:3/5 Power:2/5 Handling:3/5

Zarkhator-Speed:2/5 Power:4/5 Handling:1/5

Yeedo(Unlockable)-Speed:4/5 Power:1/5 Handling:3/5

Skratcher(Unlockable)-Speed:2/5 Power:3/5 Handling:4/5

Small Characters

Grox-Speed:4/5 Power:3/5 Handling:1/5

Skoog-Speed:2/5 Power:1/5 Handling:5/5

Littly(Unlockable) Speed:5/5 Power:2/5 Handling:2/5

Large Characters

Old Sage-Speed:2/5 Power:4/5 Handling:1/5

Barbados-Speed:1/5 Power:5/5 Handling:2/5

Ultimate Zarkhator-Speed:2/5 Power:4/5 Handling:3/5


Blue Meteor-Ride it and shoot ahead of the competition!

Blue Meteor Shards-Small speed boosts.

Red Meteor-Throw it and it hits the person in first!

Red Meteor Shards-Small homing projectiles.

Butter Bib-Swing it around and let it go to latch on to another racer!

Cell- Sends a wave of water and cells to hit everybody! (Except You!)

Jet Pack-Fly high above the field and land ahead of the people in front of you!

Oogie-Sends an Oogie onto the field for someone to slip on.

Triple Oogies-Get three Oogies to throw onto the track!

Sim House-Make a Sims House pop out of the racetrack!


  • Zar'Skuther was originally going to be in the game, but was cut.

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