Copy of Capcom Universe

Spore Hero 2 is the sequel to the Wii Game Spore Hero for Wii U and ROC.


Sporeling Hero

Sporeling Hero

Sporeling Judicial Scumbag


The Sporiverse was once in deep economic peril, but was made even worse by the spore heros out of their blue Toyotas. Although the red meteors have stopped falling and destorying our roofs (Thank god for home insurance!), and Zarkhator is hooked on Honey Boo-Boo, a new threat has appeared from the toilet. It's time for our heroes to get off of the couch and fight Mitt Romney before he ships all the jobs off to China! With Justin Bieber on the loose also threatening the world, it's up to our spore heros and their new upgrades to file a lawsuit against these new fiends!

Character Elements



Computer Bug

Norton Security



Hot Chili



Mexican Food


Tech (New)

Dark (New)

Lawyer (New)

Bonus Upgrades

Mario Hats

Troll Face

Koopa Shells

Link Hats

Pokeball Hats

Slenderman Tie

Nintendo Armour

Jeff The Killer Knife

King Dedede Hammer Tail

Epic Bad Gas

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