Full Name Spool
Gender Male
Species Fabric Sprite
Location Fabrica
Class Ally
Height 3 centimeters
Spool is a Friend Gremlin. He enjoys riding his button, Yellow. Button is his hero, and he died his backside blue and put a Button face on it. Shades is mean to him, and often makes Spool do weird stuff around Button. However Spool doesn't know it and thinks of Shades as his friend. However Yellow's hero is Blue, Button's button. Often Shades would tell Spool that Button liked when people were insulted. So Spool would go and see Button while he was talking to Pink. Spool would insult Pink, and Pink would chase him. Then they would run into Thimble, who was yelling at Green for being too slow and too low. Then they would run, because Thimble could often be violent.

This character is being reworked as part of a Button reboot. Previous content has been placed in a dropdown box to aid in future reworking of this character. As Spool is not particularly essential to Button lore, this character may be written out of the reboot.


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