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So, since I'm not exactly... efficient at giving actual previews, I will instead just sum up the days of my showcase in just 5 sentences

  1. I go over the gameplay and Acts 2-3 of White Lantern: In Brightest Day.
  2. While I did say I would do the original concept, I never did go over it. The Legend of Evi: Spirit of the Goddess is Day 2's topic, mainly the plot and primary mechanics.
  3. The ring mechanics of Lantern Ring Recruits will be discussed.
  4. Skeleton Crew: A Saints' Row Story is the topic for Day 4, yet another stab from yours truly at trying something new.
  5. We revisit an old classic: Goosebumps: The Horrorland Files; I mean, what else would I discuss on Halloween?

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