Mario & Sonic: Worlds Collide

Mario and Sonic's worlds collide when an attack from the Twilight Cage threatens the existence of Mario and Sonic's Universes. Hero and Villain alike are drawn into this epic! Is the Twilight Cage bluffing, or will Mario and Sonic's Universes be wiped out of existence??!! Find out in Mario & Sonic: Worlds Collide!! 


Scorpinok was an average and normal Scorpion, until he was experimented on by the human race. The experiments caused Scorpinok to gain super speed, but there were other side-effects, Scorpinok is cursed with a spell that makes his stinger-tail have no effect. Scorpinok wants revenge on the humans, but they've sent out a group of Scorpions, Arachnids and Octopi after him. Will Scorpinok have his revenge, or will he be grounded into the dirt??!! Find out in Scorpinok!!

Starcrashers DLC

  • New Playable Characters: Nights the Twilitibat, Anarchy the Twilitibat, and Moonlight, who can seperate into two playable characters, Night and Vision
  • New Bosses: Anarchy the Twilitibat, Shadow Creature, Mountain Beast, Twilight Doom, Starlight Death, Moonlight Demise, Final Devouerer, Anonymous, and Sunlight Blaze
  • New Zones: Frost Zone, Dark Zone, Mounatain Zone, Twilight Zone, Starlight Zone, Moonlight Zone, Sunlight Zone, Final Zone, and Pirate Zone
  • Choosable Combos and Movesets: Choose whichever combo button combination, and pick any moveset!

Nixus' New Console: Nintendo NiXus

  • The Nintendo NiXus will feature optical disks.
  • The Nintendo NiXus will sell for 299.99$, but in a bundle, it will sell for 349.99$ and will be released on Aug 14, 2017 worldwide, to celebrate Nixus' first year.
  • The Nintendo NiXus will bundle with games such as Mario & Luigi: The Shadow SagaThe StarcrashersMario Kart: Double Drive!!, and many others!
  • The Nintendo NiXus will play Blu-Ray and DVD, unlike the previous Nintendo Consoles.
  • The Nintendo NiXus can play GamecubeWii and Wii U games.
  • The Nintendo NiXus is capable of displaying 1080p high definition (HD) visuals, and utilizes a more robust online experience than its predecessor.

More info on the NiXus coming soon

Koopa Warriors Series

After a long seven years, Nixus brings back Koopa Kastle Productions' Koopa Warriors series. The series first starts with Shroob: The Foreign Warrior, then Boo: The Spooky Warrior.

What Mario enemy should star in the next Koopa Warriors game?

The poll was created at 14:59 on October 10, 2016, and so far 3 people voted.

Nixus Super Smash Bros

A new opponent appeared: Super Smash Bros. made by Nixus and Nintendo. It will bundle with the Nintendo NiXus.

What should the sub-title of the next Smash Bros. be?

The poll was created at 22:52 on October 10, 2016, and so far 4 people voted.

Yoshi's Island U: Feast Edition

Yoshi's Island U: Feast Edition adds much more Power-Ups, Areas, Babies, Bosses, Enemies, Collectables, Fruit, Gadgets, Bonus Challenges, Story and a two new modes called: Speedrun Mode, and Fruit Mode. More information will be shown on it's page.

Mushroom Kingdom: 25 Years Later

Twenty-five years later, in the Mushroom Kingdom... All is peaceful after five years of chaos, when the evil king Bowser took over the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, Mario and Peach rule, but a secret organisation called "The Dark Presence" threatens to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario must assemble the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom once again.

The Swords of Acadia

After the world of the Starcrashers was conquered, Acadia was left in ruins. After that, the ranking general, Enker, was offered a job from the Starcrashers: to oversee and lead Acadia. But, an Acadian, Ardor, overheard that conversation, and decided to stop Enker, using the seven swords of Acadia.

Timber Grey

On a world different form Mario and the Starcrashers' lies a world of animal life. But, one day, a cat stumbled upon alien technology, and the tech took over the cat's body. The cat enslaved all animals, but one animal, a wolf, attempts to stop the tech's brutal regime.

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