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Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase 2016/Previews/Cryobyte

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It shows a black ball in the sky, blocking out the sun, as a big red eye opens up from it, a gold silhouette walking out from it, and hopping down into the ground.

???: Hello, old friend.

The silhouette comes into view, showing a woman in full golden armor, the only thing not being covered is her face. Flaming wings come into view as she grins.

???: Took me long enough to find you, Jared.

Everybody looks to Jared and he grits his teeth, not saying a word


A lab full of weirdoes, including a tiny slime, killer robots, evil poltergeists, and the occasional explosion. The list could go on, but I'm not one to ramble.. Anyways, the name's Jill.

The whole crew.
And then some.

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