Game Showcase

Cool Text The World's Strangest Fighting Game! 138965942680124

Sactown Studios plans to showcase new fighters, and more info and content for the upcoming original fighting game, the World's Strangest Fighting Game.

Game Showcase


Sactown Studios plans to showcase several fighters making their first appearance in the series, such as Kasumi, Frogger, and Terry Bogard. They also intend to showcase the two upcoming DLC Packs, alongside more info on The Wrath of Shadows, and a showcase of the game's soundtrack.

Fighter Reveals


Sactown Studios intends to reveal more of the starting roster, along with showcasing new game mechanics, and how various tidbits such as Grand Finales, and Costumes will work. DLC may be showcased, but no plans have been made. A fighter ballot may be showcased to help determine new fighters.

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