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This is just a space where I hint at what I'm eventually going to show off on the showcase. I'm going to leave a few surprises, but the biggest things I want to cover will be teased in here.

September 29th

"If you are willing to bargain for the soul of your sister, mortal, allow me to make things interesting... As long as I have existed, only thirty souls have managed to evade my grasp.... Over millennia, they have transformed into hulking monsters that listen to neither reason or force.... I will forge your sister's spirit into a weapon of unimaginable power... Use it to slay these beasts for me, and I will restore her to life..."

"If that is the price I must pay... then I accept."

-The Lich and Alexander, opening of Soulless

October 1st

"Let me get this straight, Roderick. The Brazen Brigands just came inside the castle and stole absolutely everything. Despite all the guards and everything."

"I-I'm sorry, princess. They took everything of value... The paintings, the gold storage, even the royal jewel collection. The guards were all knocked out by the brigands."

"Hrmm... It's always when Mom and Dad are away. Are my outfits safe?"

"Of c-course, ma'am. They've been kept under lock and key this whole time, and you've had the key on your person since the last incident with these brutes."

"Time to open the wardrobe, then. Looks like Princess Flannel is going to have to take matters into her own hands once again."

-Princess Flannel and Roderick, opening of Costume Party

October 4th

"I don't know about this, guys. This seems dangerous."

"Look, I don't know about you, but I don't feel like I'll be able to rest until we find out what these things are. Where did they come from? Why do they give people these powers?"

"I agree. Things this powerful don't just appear out of thin air. It's my job as an archaeologist to discover the origin of things, and this seems to have become part of my obligation."

"I don't trust this. You know they'll be after us."

"We know the risks. The reward is knowing what exactly the meaning is behind these artifacts. After all, weren't we looking for an adventure in the first place?"

"You guys are all so stubborn..."

"Look, trust me on this. If we're going to find out the secret behind these things, we're going to have to search far and wide. To bravely venture where most only dare to go."

-Secret project #1

October 8th

Whether you're fighting evil to save your soul...

Demonic Salem

...Or the soul of someone else...

Shovel Knight SSB3M

...Know that you are a hero to someone.

Hey, Mercury, what was that old saying you mentioned again?

It's an old adage, barely worth remembering. It's something along the lines of "Have the courage to think and act on your own... and to disobey."

-Reveal for Land of Echoes and Shovel Knight: Unearthed, secret project teaser #2

October 12th

Captain's Log

Galactic Date: 20XY

This looks like the end. Our ship crashed onto the planet's surface, and the crash knocked the engine out. It's somewhere in this region of the planet, that much is certain, but it'll be impossible to obtain without the other three members of the crew, and they're lost after the impact.

A creature's approaching fast. This may be the end of the famous captain Kupan. To think- after all my travels with my faithful crew beside me, I die alone to a monster. It's like the universe knows I have a phobia of isolation.

My only chance... is to hope what the Hocotatian said about this planet was true... I need to find those creatures. Those... Pikmin.

-Reveal trailer for Pikmin Z

October 16th

"Eleza, I swear, you are one of the greatest archaeologists on this planet... Save me, of course."

"Well, thank you, sir. But if I may ask... What is this? And why are those weird people going after Seiger and his friend?"

"Oh, you mean your friends? Well, I suppose anybody knowing about those asterisks would be hunted down. After all, I used to be part of that organization."

"And WHEN were you going to tell me this?!"

"Ehh, it doesn't matter. That gem you've uncovered is unlike anything else we've found on this dig."

"Well, yeah. No normal gem is formed in the exact shape of a teardrop. And it's made out of the same stuff as the rest of the crystals we've been excavating."

"Eleza, my pupil... That is no ordinary gem. That is something we thought was lost long ago- the core at the center of the Earth Crystal."


October 19th

"There's a difference between heroes and villains."

"Heroes are reactionary forces, only appearing when disaster strikes."


"Villains take action before anything happens."


October 23rd

"Director, I'm not sure how I feel about this whole project you've been running."

"Marian, the Skrypt have been becoming more and more active over the past thirty years. It's going to get to the point where we need to fight them. And as evidenced by that last battle against the Gaean Army, Operation Tredecim is our best bet."

"But these are children, Director."

"These are more than children, my friend. We've been training them with Skrypt technology since birth, on top of genetically manipulating them to give them the DNA of their enemy."

"You're a monster."

"In this war, Maria, we may need monsters."


October 28th

"Cerina, Hooke, Eleza, and Seiger... You four have stumbled into a conspiracy that few have ever even begun to unravel."

"Wade, are you talking about whoever those Barras and Holly people were working for, or-"

"No. The gems you've taken from them, and from me. The asterisks. Though they were once made by a mere man, their origin does not seem to be of this world. They possess incredible power, and there's no special "chosen one" limitation to it. Anyone can wield them."

"I see. That means there's probably more people running around using those powers. And far more chaos to follow."

"Correct. I can see why Terrus picked you as his protege, girl. You have his powers of deduction."

"Then there's nothing for it. I know we barely know each other, and we won't even have Wade the Wanderer backing us up, but we're going to have to work together."

"I know. Whatever is behind the asterisks... We have to stop it before they bring about something terrible."


See you at the showcase. Pyrostar (tbc)

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