September 2015 LXIV Teaser Sixty Four LXIV

Yes, you are looking at the correct images.

I am officially reviving The Sixty Four Saga (many eons ago referred to as Dk64rules (series) lol what a load of shit that was), under the preview title of The LXIV Project.

This preview page for the showcase will not be updated much, as I am saving most of the big reveal for the actual show, but I do have a few updates planned, so stay tuned.

~ Dk64rules (tbc)

I Told You There Would Be More

Amy Cerato LXIV

The character designs for all the major returning characters have been finalized! Today, I worked on creating the official art for Amy Cerato, a.k.a. "the girl" of the series, haha. Yeah, I was pretty shit at avoiding clichés. I guess this would be a good time as any to mention that, as my original idea for this series has progressed, what has come of it has been...interestingly different from the original. I think you guys are gonna like it. ;)

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