1 month until Presentations.

1 company, 3 projects.

Welcome to Inora.

95 Days

  • Unten: Why would you do this? And who are you?
  • ???: I remember, Unten. You remember too, but you are not smart enough to realize that this is how the universe works. It's a cruel place, and the strong survive.
  • Unten: But at what cost? Would you rather survive at the cost of their humanity?
  • ???: Tell that to Spunten for me...

7 Assasins


3 Years

Futuristic vehicles race around a winding road as lava erupts around them. Many of the racers crash, but one, armed with sharp blades adorned on it's side, continues on, reaching a beacon that opens before it, as a flash of light overtakes the screen.

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