This is Blizzard Studios' preview page for the Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase.

Mario Kart Delta

Mario Kart Delta is Blizzard Studios' first Mario Kart game since Mario Kart: Drift Dash and is the tenth game in the Mario Kart series.

Mario Kart Delta introduces quite a few new features, including the interactive button, which allows you to interact with some of the course's features. For instance, if there are Potted Piranha Plants around the player's kart, normally, they would either simply pass them or run into them and get eaten, but when the interactive button is pressed, the player can pick up the Piranha Plant and use it in a similar manner as the item in Mario Kart 8.

There is also the introduction of the new hover mode. If the player runs off a green ramp, they will activate Hover Mode, and they now move forward automatically. A can now be pressed to move farther upward and B can be pressed to move down, although there is a limit to the height the player can go. Running into other players will give the player a boost, but move the two players far away from each other.

A new bumper car minigame is introduced, where the player plays a bumper car game with the bumper cars being replaced by Koopa Clown Cars.


I won't have time to write much at the moment. There is information on the page, however. Coming soon!


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