The Soupy Investigation

Due to plans outside of Fantendo, the content in the preview has been switched around to make it more convenient for me to post.

Day One

Fantendo Uprising


Fantendo Uprising is a reboot of the dead project, Fantendo - The Dark Realms. It is still a Fantendo-based RPG, except this time, the game centers around the main character, Kern, whose identity you can craft. The plot remains relatively the same; the Worlds created within Fantendo are going awry due to the code being slowly eaten by an eldritch being called Shutdown. Kern must fight and unite the citizens of the Fantendo Worlds in order to save them. As the last project was started way back in 2013, some people who submitted characters are now inactive/have left. As such, I have blanked the character and world list except for a few (Alice Harumi, Jake and Yonenbooe remain). You can sign up your character and world here or a blog that I will be making in the future for signups. The first companion you encounter is Unten (now using his updated design) and many more familiar faces from Fantendo will follow;

Walrus Co.


Walrus Co. is a management video game where you play as the protagonist, Sir Wally Russ, as he inherits a generous amount of money from a recently dead relative (the event of the relative's death and the starting of a new save file are completely coincidental...) and decides to invest it in making a multimedia company that will hopefully become a large company.

You will need to hire employees, beat out competitors and manage your expanding company as it grows from a small office into a large mini-community. Meanwhile, you'll have to face various rivals and look into the darker side of managing a corporation as your popularity grows, so does the targets set upon your head. There are many employees, customers and characters you can meet; it's sort of like a business-centered Animal Crossing. Details will come soon.



In Sabotage, the game is one based on intuition and logic: you can play as any one of 17 members in a criminal gang called HELIOS, working together for their boss to carry out various high-class schemes. The catch is, during all of your working together and accomplishments, there are three saboteurs among you, who will turn traitor at the end of the game. In each playthrough, the saboteurs are randomized. The story consists of you and your team, an elite bunch of criminals that have been notorious for their grand heists. One day, your boss starts to act strangely and your group are being targeted by the FBI as well as another criminal team. The plot unfolds as you find out what exactly your boss is up to as well as running away from the organizations that want your heads.

It is your duty to find out who the traitors are by getting to know your team and by investigating their actions on each heist, deciphering their lies and catching them with any suspicious activity. You must also rally up the other team members to trust you and find out the saboteurs as well. If you are confident on finding a saboteur, you can kill them if you have the majority of the team backing you up. If you kill an innocent, then missions will get harder as you get less manpower, as each member of the team has a specific trait and speciality. If you kill a saboteur, then their skills will be transferred to another member of your choice, so it is imperative that you choose wisely. At the end of the game, if there is even one saboteur left, you cannot advance to the final boss, and it is game over. Likewise, if you kill two innocent members of the team, the rest of the team will go after you, suspecting that you are the saboteur.

The game has a lot of alternative modes, including one where you can play as the saboteur yourself, and pick out your accomplices, swaying suspicion away from yourselves. If one of your accomplices is caught, you yourself are more likely to be suspected. Sometimes, if you do not maintain good relationships with your accomplices, they might reveal you as a saboteur. If you get caught, then it's Game Over as well. In all game modes, having trust between all members of the group.

Meet some of the HELIOS members!

Day 2

Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles


Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles is the reboot of Paper Mario: Countdown to Chaos, since I was unhappy with the old version of it. A lot of the locations have stayed the same, as well as some partners. So, what's new?


Since the time travel mechanic was scrapped, there's finally a clear world map! Now set in the new Astral Kingdom, new locations include Bomankh, a sky-high metropolis in the middle of a desert; Foggybog Swamp, a deep, dark swamp housing an abandoned laboratory where some insane experiments were done in the past; Sky Citadel, a floating citadel in the sky which is primarily inhabited by Shy Guys, and of course, the new hub - Astral City, which takes heavy inspiration from southern Europe. Its musical theme is below:

Astral City - Music - Paper Mario The Rewind Chronicles03:21

Astral City - Music - Paper Mario The Rewind Chronicles

The chapters have changed too to make them more interesting - you'll now be reciting plays, investigating corruption during the world's largest sporting event - The Mushlympics, fending off sealed dark forces in order to stop Sky Citadel from crashing into the ground, battling untold monstrosities in the abandoned laboratories and diving deep underwater to find a lost shipwreck. Accompanied by this, are whole new characters and partners: Meet them below:

100px Omigosh, hi~! I'm Goombeverly, and as you may know, I'm this game's tattling Goomba~ I'll use this rare chance of being able to officially break the fourth wall to tell you about myself! I'm a history student spending a year abroad here in the Astral Kingdom, since this place has a lot of interesting history behind it. I can tell you information about many things around the kingdom and can use it in battle to find out about enemies and their attack patterns. Then I'll attack with the classic headbonk~! I hope to be of very good use to you~! 100px Aye, and greetin's. M'name's Archie, and I'm the caretaker of the Starchives, the largest library in the Astral Kingdom, and probably the world! I'm the caretaker of the Rewind Chronicles te, and I'm making sure this Mario guy takes good care of et. Ef I was gon' be 'onest with ye though, I'd like te travel the world and experience new things, 'specialleh in my wanin' years. I can hide Mario with me ghostly cloud in battle and the overworld, and attack by spookin' enemies silleh. 'Tis nice to meet yeh!
100px Hiiiii! I'm Katrina Koopa, but you can call me Kat! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I'm the Princess of the Kingdom of Kooprenia, ruled by none other than my absolutely wonderful father~ I love being happy, so I like making others be happy too! I'm only happy when I don't get what I want, because I'm not used to it, and my bodyguard, Koopert does a lot to help me with everyday princess duties, too. I can use my Shell Toss ability to get items from afar or attack an enemy. I can also use Shell Slam to knock all of the enemies on the ground off their feet! 100px Hmm? Oh, hello there, I didn't notice you. My name is Tutankaboom, and I am one of the mayors of fair Bomankh, a city I've seen grow from a small community to a bustling metropolis right before my eyes. This year we are hosting the Mushlympics, which is a hefty duty. It is imperative nothing goes wrong, which is why I have acquired the Great Mario's help in this, since I often cause accidents because I don't think my plans through all the time. I can be useful in battle too with my attacks, by blasting the foe with my bomb abilities.
100px What you lookin' at? They call me Bandart, and I'm the best thief in all of the Astral Kingdom. The day I get caught is the day I turn into a cold. I'm not one for the path of justice or anythin' but after someone framed me for a bridge collapse, I've been fightin' for the law to clear my name - I would rob you blind but I ain't gonna hurt you, never! My thief skills will come in handy as I sense all them hidden blocks and switches, and my aim ain't too bad in battle, either! 100px Salut! My name, it is Étienne. I am a journalist, if I may say. I love documenting ze stranger things in life, and I am currently investigating ze happenings in Crescent Shades, a beautiful town, but with an unsettling tone to it. I'm keep forgetting all of my notepads though, for I am très clumsy, no? I can carry you across gaps for a short time because of my wings, so I hope I will be of ze use! In battle, I can sting enemies for a good amount of damage, but prendre garde! My HP is quite low compared to ze others.
100px I am Lan. I am a humble citizen of Tianye Village. I apologise for my brevity, but speaking a lot is something I do not like - I would rather my daos do the talking for me, for my skill with the sword is the best in the village. The most important thing in the world is my true love, Shan. I have joined Mario to find him, but also to better my discipline. My daos prove useful in the battle arena and outside as I cut down obstacles and foes alike! 100px Hey hello, hello! I'm Sgt Sniegs, part of the Icicle Platoon of the Ledusi Army. I don't know why I hold this position, for I'm told I'm quite careless and absentminded, but oops, oh well. I'm in a bit of a moral dilemma here - I pledge loyalty to my army, but what they are doing to the Heliogons is despicable! I hope to bring peace between us all. I do double damage to fire enemies, but I should also stay clear of fire attacks, myself. My ability to freeze the surrounding areas and enemies should come in handy, sir yes sir!
100px Greetings, I am Arh T. As my name suggests (duh), I am an artist, and I'd like to say I'm pretty good. I study up at the prestigious Astral University; you know the place? It's the best place ever! My favorite artist is Vincent Van Goom, and have been studying his works for years. Due to my knowledge of how he painted with mystical paint, I can use a charm to transport myself and others to different places via the paintings. Cool huh? In battle, I can get creative with my attacks by blinding enemies with paint! 100px Why hello there, friend! It is me, Coggs von Snifford, esteemed captain of the Snifford Airships and master merchant of the skies. My fleet can get you, your goods, and your friends anywhere! I must say, I do have an ongoing feud with the evil Dr. Frankitu; the madman is always finding new ways to make others suffer! Luckily, I have adapted my nozzle to breathe fire, and I can use fiery attacks! Let our enemies burn, old boy! Haha!
100px Good day, and my name is Marianne. I love to garden and take care of all the plants and flowers in the world, spreading beauty beyond borders~ I may join you after you have proved you are passionate about the environment too... I don't like to fight, but I will do my best to aid you in battle with supportive abilities. I can also pull you into the shadows and then throw you upwards to reach high platforms in the overworld. 100px The name's Buck. Loyal member of Don Spectro's mafia. I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed - I know that, but I can get any physical work done. My work comes at a fee though; you really need my boss' trust for me to accompany you. And don't judge me about this violin case, it's real! And I can say I'm pretty good. My brute strength can break blocks even your puny hammer can't break. I'll stay by your side as long as you don't insult my boss - you'll get a bruisin' for that, buddy!

Also, there is now Peach's side to her story! While Mario is busy in the Astral Kingdom, the malicious Valdric uses this as an opportunity to attack the Mushroom Kingdom, thinking Peach weak. Unfortunately for him, the pink princess won't give up her kingdom without a fight - the only way is to gather the Mushroom Royal Family Jewels, for those who holds all of them will shift the royal bloodline to theirs. As such, it's a race for the crown as Peach desperately tries to regain her control without Mario and Luigi. Much like Mario, Peach has her own partners, whose personalities will be unveiled soon;

New locations include Shimmerock Town, an Irish-inspired town surrounded by rocks that glimmer beautifully due to crystals inside them; Ramparch, a very musical, jazzy area based on New Orleans; the Chocodome, a large dome made of Chocolate that houses a whole tasty city under it; Soleil Sands, a Mexico-based world that is also currently being used as a film setting; the Altitude Limit, a very colorful, India-based world that is threatened when the voice of Colors goes missing, and many more! Updates will continue in the future.

Pikachu Park!

PikachuPark Logo

Welcome to Pikachu Park!, where you run a theme park for the conservation of Pikachus! This really cute game is intended for younger children as they play with the Pikachu inside their park and take care of them and park guests can pet and play with the Pikachu too - it's all about building a nice, happy fun park. Meet some of the types of Pikachu:

The game is mainly minigame themed - in Learning Pikachu with Pikachu, you learn how to speak Pikachu's language and construct sentences using the syllables "pi", "ka", "chu" and the rare "chaaaaa". In Cooking with Pikachu, you and Pikachu cook various delicious Pokémon-based meals for guests at the restaurant in your park. In Pikachu Playtime!, you play with a lot of Pikachu, pokémon-amie style with a lot of toys and games. Cosplay Pikachu has you dressing up your Pikachus and putting on Pikachu plays and musicals or making a Pikachu band to entertain guests. During the story mode, you unlock Foraging Pikachu after the economy takes a bad turn and thus you are forced to make Pikachu Hunting legal to break even.


Oh dear...

Luckily, things won't go to waste - you can now serve meals containing Pikachu Meat at the restaurant in Cooking with Pikachu, which is very tasty and will make your customers very happy! There is also Building with Pikachu where you decorate your house and the hotel suites with Pikachu merchandise. With the hunted Pikachu, you can now have things made from Pikachus your guests have hunted such as fur rugs. Overall, Pikachu Park! is a game that is intended for fun for the whole family!

Day 3

France France Revolution!


France France Revolution is a game based on the Dance Dance Revolution series, but it is French. You select from a group of historians who are currently perusing texts about the French Revolution. Suddenly, a rip in the space-time continuum takes them back in time to the French Revolution, and now the historians must dance it out in 1700's France to find a way to get back home. You encounter many bosses throughout the game, including Anne Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte. If you fail a song, you are put to the guillotine.

Songs in the game primarily include French Traditional Music, but also modern day French songs not just from France, but French-speaking parts of the world. As you go through the game, you eventually end up back home, but you have changed history due to your dancing skills and now everyone wants to have a dance battle with you. The latter of half of the game has you battling 30 different dance opponents from the 29 sovereign nations that speak French, with music by musicians from that country. The climax is held on top of the Eiffel Tower.

The game is different to usual Dance Dance Revolution fair as you do many different types of dances, most of which are primarily French - different styles include Apache, Touridon, the Can-Can and a standard waltz.

La Señora Tímida


La Señora Tímida is a point-and-click adventure/puzzle game surrounding the events of Lady Anna Vermalho (pictured to the right with her faithful corgi, Marrón). The story takes place in the fictional country of Porto de Mar, which is heavily based off France, Portugal, Andorra and Spain. Anna is the sole heir to her late father's fortune and company - this has made her a target with a bounty on her head due to an unknown person wanting her family's vast fortune for themselves, even though Anna makes it clear she would prefer to live a modest life. Constant death threats and attempted assasinations has made Anna find out exactly who is at the bottom of this, especially when her butler, Lars is severely injured while protecting her.

Follow Anna as you guide her throughout the world, meeting all different sorts of characters who will help you find out who is trying to kill her - you'll have to stay on your feet and think twice before you act, for one mistake might very well kill you. The game plays like a mix between Hotel Dusk and Ace Attorney as you go around places and meeting people as well as solving puzzles to help you on your way. The path is wrought with dangers despite the bright world ahead of you - Anna is a pacifist, and is untrained in combat. You'll have to use your mind to survive.

A Monster Like Me


Fire Emblem: Event Horizon


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