Day 1

Super Smash Bros. Cross

The trailer begins with a dark screen. An x-slash strikes through the screen, and the dlack background burns up to show Mario running into a large area, which is similar to a ruins. The camera pans across to show Link standing in the distance. The two heroes star at eachother, instensly. They suddenly rush at each other, and the battle begins. The theme music kicks in and the scene shifts to gameplay.

A glimps at the new Battlefield is shown. This time, it is a platform floating above a canyon, which houses strange white ruins. The platform is like these ruins, with pillars crumbling in the background. The platforms on the stage are supported by arches in the immediate background.

As the fight rages on, different characters come and go; Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Fox, Ness, Captain Falcon, Kirby, Samus and Pikachu.

The scene shifts back to cinematics, and Mario (of course) is besting each fighter. However, an unknown figure appears...

Isaac goes for gold!

Isaac is shown to fight using a combination of his sword, Psynergy, Djinn and physical attacks. He takes down Mario with ease, as well as some other fighters.

Then, the Smash Cross logo appears...


Fading back in from black, we see something rolling through the canyon. It skids to a halt, and uncurls...

Dillon's ready to roll!


Super Smash Bros. Cross is the next game in the acclaimed Super Smash Bros. Series. While there isn't much to discuss as of yet, we can still go over some notable details.

Fist off, the main focus of Smash Cross is polishing and refining; many characters and mechanics will be modified to have the game feel and play better, have every character balanced to a degree, and have each character be more unique. For example, Mario is being modified to be more balanced and even more of an entry level fighter than ever before. Also, certain game mechanics, such as Rage, will be removed. However, the specifics will be discussed more at a later date.

This game is still in development, and while there are many characters already planned, we will be taking fan input on which fighters should join as development continues.

Super Scrappers!

Day 2

Day 3

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