no announcement today,instead I'm doing an AMA on Triggerbound on lapis wiki chat! come along now memers!

Questions and Answers


So Tommy, have you got any ideas for weaponry for Triggerbound? Also, is there any more to the plot or nah?


lots of them,all I'm trying to figure out now is how to make them not really there'll probably more with updates

its kinda like tf2 where theres minimal plot in-game

Hamclub13 does it tie into the fantendovese in any way?

CrunchyTommy thats still a bit iffy I want it too but it'll probably be later in production before any actual connections appear 

Hamclub13 ah are the 10 characters already there the final roster or are there more to come?

CrunchyTommy there might be more, I'm pretty good having the 10 right now but I might include 1 or 2 more in future updates

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