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I'm not posting this on day 1 but let's pretend I DID. Also there's no pics because my main pc died so I can't draw anything.

Souls Can Dream 

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A new game series i'm planning. The game is going to be an open 2D platform adventure video game developed by Shooting Star Studios and published by Nintendo. It's going to be released during late 2016. The game's platforming gameplay will be like a "Metroidvania", having big interconnected world maps for the players to explore and travel through portals to dreams. The game's plot is currently still on development but I can tell you what it's going to be about: 

"The world is not like it used to, now coming to an end covered in war, technology domination, contamination, destruction and darkness. Families, friends, everyone is slowly dying and disappearing while Earth keeps becoming the disgrace the human kind started.

But not everything was lost. Shining sightings appeared as different pure children around the world were attracted by its light. Deciding to follow the light, four kids started an adventure through cruel reality and hopeful and beautiful dreams. Dreams of saving Earth from its demise."

Yeah that's pretty much just a small summary of the story. You see, in the game you're going to control a group of four kids: Lilith, Matthew, William and Meredy, as well as their pet cat Sokrates. All of them will help each other in order to progress through certain obstacles or reach places they can't reach normally. Even the cat helps on that. There is some kind of mystic thing happening on this game too: the kids can travel through dreams by using portals. These are dreams of the people hoping for a beautiful Earth, without hate, despair, war, sadness... as well as dreams of people's good desires and wishes. But there's also the bad things. While you can also travel the current, horrible decaying Earth in the reality, you are also able to travel through nightmares, which mostly contains more dangerous enemies and surprises. 

The game's world maps are extremely open and explorative, the kids interact with the world's and dreams' environment and solve puzzles and facing enemies in their way to restore Earth. The kids will also collect Health Orbs, new abilities and Soul Dreams, which are collectibles needed to complete the game. Save points can also be found in dreams and reality and a map can be used when dream portals open, linking them to their point of origin in the map so the protagonists can travel through them from afar.

That's pretty much all of the showcase because i'm lazy and because there's not really anything else to say about any of my other (future) games right now so... Thanks for taking a look! Hope you liked this~

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