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Happy Halloween, one and all! Although one will be an accurate measure as to how many see this This is my Halloween showcase.

Day Numero Uno: Amy vs The Future/Tayshaun & Amy AMA/Tayshaun's Adventure news

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Yeah, I have more info on this. As you might already know, Amy vs The Future is an RPG I'm working on, based around my series's main hero Amy Jackson. Well, I'm planning to develop it a little further. Gonna add a bit more story, work on a table for playable characters, develop how characters act during situations, and so on. I'm also gonna be doing an AMA on the series in general on the AMA board. I will also be working on Tayshaun's Adventure a little more.

Day Numero Dos: New characters

Yes, I have more characters on the way. I'm not giving away too much about them, just their names, age and part of their backstory. They are:

  • Pablo Harrison - 19 - a guy from Wyoming who moved to California for an adventure
  • Tabitha James - 18 - a girl from a faroff (Uranus) planet who wants to protect Tayshaun and Amy from a possible alien invasion
  • DeMarcus Bolton - 19 - pretty much a twin to Tayshaun, DeMarcus and him both grew up near each other and have been lifelong friends
  • Emma Jackson - 17 - an ancestor of Amy's, Emma is a highly intelligent girl
  • Steve Lambert - 19 - a hero who stops at nothing to protect the universe, Steve is a guy from Nebraska with a point to prove
  • Becca Edwards - 17 - A cyborg who managed to make herself part-robot, Becca is a calm, collected girl. She always carries a tablet with her to check how her body is doing internally

Day Numero Tres: Future pieces of work

Pérez's Story

Pérez's story logo

Yes, I'm making a game based around Krystal. I've not decided what the plot is yet, but I plan to keep you updated on it.

RTA? Fanfiction?

Yes. Fanfiction. I'm gonna make a story for the Tayshaun & Amy series. I'm gonna try and link it into the main series in some way. I will create both pages in the upcoming months.

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