Day 1 - New Characters Announcement

I'm gonna announce two characters today for Several Nights at Fierce's 3; Milly the Mummy and Yllim the Yeti, as well as one of the means of defense.

Milly is a "spooky" mummy. But he's apparently the nicest mummy out there. Through that isn't really the case ingame...In the game, Milly will hide in the lockers, making him somewhat hard to notice in the cameras. If you pass the lockers, he attacks you. He only has one glowing yellow eye exposed. Several of his bandages seem to be removed revealing blue fur. He is actually a yeti like his sister that somehow became a mummy.

Yllim is Milly's older sister. Like him, she's nice, but she's pretty aggresive ingame. When she is near you, she emits a creepy laugher and you have to make her go away or she jumpscares you. Her eyes do not glow usually, unlike Milly. They perform together on a stage and both activate on the first Night along with Gilgamesh.

As for one of the means of defense, you can pull up a camera tablet and watch the animatronics, but there's also a menu that allows you to change the internal clock of the animatronics and confuse them by making it go faster or slower. Watch out through, some of the animatronics will become more aggresive when you change the internal clock. Milly gets confused if you make the internal clock go too fast, but it'll also make Yllim more aggresive. Making the internal clock go slower, through, will get Yllim confused through Milly stops making sounds.

The bold letters spell out what this game is, just saying.

Day 2 - Animatronic Patterns

Today, I'm announcing the patterns of some the currently-revealen Several Nights at Fierce's 3 characters; Gilgamesh, Bodhi, Michael and Breakmind. I'm also revealing another mechanic.

Gilgamesh activates in Night 1. You have a flashlight and you have to flash it at him when he comes close. While he doesn't haves any special quirks at first, he gets inspirations from some of the other animatronics and on later nights you'll end up finding him in lockers, under tables and even on the ceiling. He enters the building from a door.

Michael activates much later, on Night 6. He's also stopped with the flashlight. He's the fastest animatronic ingame, but he gives you some time to react when he spots you and alerts his presense with a stinger and flickering lights. If you don't react quickly enough, he goes in your face and unlike most other animatronics, he doesn't outright jumpscares you but rather electrocutes you to death while tilting his head creepily. He enters the building from the toilets.

Bodhi activates with Michael. Bodhi actually follows Michael, so once you deal with Michael you can espect to see Bodhi attacking soon after. He is also stopped with the flashlight, but he only alerts his presense with an odd noise. If you don't do anything he'll knock you on the ground and crush you by rolling on you. Like Michael he enters the building from the toilets through it is from another one.

Finally, Breakmind activates on Night 3. He will occasionally appear in front of you when you lower the cameras. Lift the cameras again and he'll go away. Otherwise, he will jumpscare you in a similar way to Nightmare from Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He starts in a special room with a crystal ball and other fortune teller stuff. If you look at this camera right after one of his attacks, one can notice he actually teleports back in the room in a similar way to The Doll in the first and second game.

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