phenomenon arts

day one

was i prepared for this? not really. am i shamelessly going to attempt and make up for my laziness which constantly gets the best of me? probably. is it gonna be any good? most likely not.

ill be honest with you, i truly had nothing prepared. i had a bunch of games i planned to showcase but theres nothing new i can say about them because i just havent been working on them, because as you might have understood by now, im pretty lazy. the game ive been working on most at the moment is motor chickz 2. ive been fixing a few things, plotwise the game is very unfinished still and all the trailers i previously unveiled are most likely not going to have anything to do with the new storyline.

the main reason for this is because im not satisfied with the current motor chickz timeline-- theres many things wrong with it which i didnt intend to be there, eg the existence of several motorcycling tournaments before the one in the first game, which now counts as the first one ever, with the one in happily ever faster being the second; taking place 2 years after the first one.

i didnt mean for things to take this much time and im sorry for all the time its taking me to get working on my shit, ill definitely have at least fifty percent of the motor chickz 2 plot done by the end of the showcase and hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

moving onto the next game, still motor chickz. i feel like ive been talking about this game for ages, though i feel this way toward every single one of my games. anyway title is motor chickz: candy carousel, its a spinoff which takes place before the two canon games and is in no way related to neither games. its just a thing that exists. the main concept for it is that it's a funfair, and each level is themed after a different attraction. the enemies, and final bosses are all themed to the attraction they exist within, and theres also a few two dimensional motorcycling levels, ala excitebiker.
as for characters, anna biscuit is there. also kylie lemon, and anna banana who acts as a rival for the majority of the game. theres no villain-- the circus itself is the villain. theres about 10 different attractions, with each one of them having 3 levels, and a boss battle.

next up is colors, that one umbrella ive been working on for a few weeks now and still dont have any ideas for, aside from a few ideas for what could possibly work as worlds. so basically, the gaming universe's color has been stolen away by an unknown force, who is now the ruler of the whole universe, and has taken over the 10 existing planets-- all of which exist within the same galaxy, and can be travelled to by huge elevators. these planets each represent a gaming series, with the series itself supposedly taking place inside the planet. the player is allowed to choose which world they want to save first, however the next nine are randomly selected. the planets are huge, and the player can explore many familiar places from 10 gaming series. each planet represents a color-- and upon bringing color back to the 10 planets, the uncanny ruler of the world is revealed to the player and the world is once again free from evil, for now.

as for the gaming series existing within the game, the first one is bioshock. i teased the first playable character awhile back, which was actually little sister but i guess no one was able to guess that. also, upon bringing back color to a planet, you unlock all characters from that planet and become able to play as them, with each planet having up to 5 playable unlockable characters. below is a character, and [one of] the main protagonists of a series which is also represented within the colors galaxy.
next up is a trailer for a new game which i dont think ive presented before (?) and have been working for a awhile now. its titled wildflower
many years have gone by. humans are long gone, and nature is the killer; a result of very intense chemical bombing happening in new zealand, due to a huge war taking place on planet earth during the years 2025 and 2032, caused several flowers to grow overly big and spread like forest fires. these same plants contained poisonous powder, which quickly spread all over the wind, and boats containing food and resources and became the cause of a huge decease, mostly known as the cillis sickness, which caused humans' skin to turn purple as a result of the mutation of the lungs after breathing in the powder said flowers contained. despite many attempts to fight off cillis, the damage dealt by the war was already enough to kill off most of humanity, and the few people left on earth weren't able to find a cure in time, with plants successfully killing humans and basically taking over our planet. about ten thousand years after, new life arose across earth's surface. plants evolved and gained intelligence of their own, being the only living forms in the entire planet. as the process of evolution soon began, some plants began to evolve into different beings, unknown to past life. flowers began to gain fur and soon gained the title of humans of current life, with each plant being at a different state of evolution, and cillis being the majority of plants. this is where you come in: the player joins this new society as a newborn seed. firstly, they must create a plant of their own; the first of a kind, soon to be huge. the first flower the player takes control of is only the first of many, as the main goal of the game is to build kingdoms, with all resources left on earth, and fight off other societies. cillis is the ultimate ruler of the world at this point, but that is soon to change. hello, and welcome, to wildflower.

day 2

hi there. welcome back to day two and here is a trailer for a game youve maybe already heard about

thoughts. have you ever wondered where they come from? why and how they exist? how come so many of them constantly float around our heads and brains on a daily basis? what truly is the logic behind them, and why are so many of them negative? meet josie, the living creature that inhabits inside your head and whose main duty is to get rid of every single thing that bothers you, through making you forget them. her job is not easy to handle, and she could probably use some help. join her, and play through about 30 minigames, each one of them having a unique gameplay, and taking place inside your very own body. dreamscape unleashes itself onto fantendo on the 8th of november. until then, keep on dreaming.
Dreamscape Logo1
boop. unlike other games im actually publishing the entirety of this game in a single take, because i dont think thats been done that many times before and its fun

alright so now lets talk about mrs know it all and nights: lucid dreaming, both games ive been working on for plenty of time now (ive actually not been working on them). mrs know it all is in its very early stages of development; so far ive got the main concept for the game (someone dies (possibly one of the suspects from the first game) and lindsey (tyler's best friend from the first game) is the one who investigates things this time while tyler helps her out. the gameplay basically remains the same, expect now the killer can strike anytime during the week, and the player has to defend themselves in some sort of fighting system which i still have to come up with). as for lucid dreaming, theres not much left to say about it, i guess i just need to add some info on some characters, the bosses and the worlds and after that its pretty much done with.

onto another game which i dont think ive presented before. this one is titled nintendo superstars tennis-- i revealed it awhile back, its basically a spinoff of sega superstars tennis featuring nintendo characters. i announced a few characters and all but some are probably not going to be in the final version of the game; i rebooted lots of stuff. below are some icons for some characters. enjoy
Nstcharacter marioNstcharacter luigiNstcharacter peachNstcharacter linkNstcharacter zeldaNstcharacter kirbyNstcharacter robinNstcharacter villagerNstcharacter isabelle
next up is feed me flames. it wasnt finished, although im planning to finish it sometime probably. i very much like the concept and think its the best thing ive come up in a while, and look forward to continue writing it once i get the time, please be patient while i get off my laziness (this may take some time)

alright so thats basically all for today. not that much stuff although im saving up for tomorrow. ill be back probably

day 3


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