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Day 1 (October 30th)

Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset DLC Characters

Trailer 1

The trailer begins in a large arena with two teams readying to battle, Mario and Luigi & Gengar and Dusknoir. Suddenly, a flash of darkness occurs, drawing the attention of both teams, who call off the fight to investigate the situation. A familiar cry is heard as a figure flashes across the screen.

The four fighters enter a mysterious building, looking for the mysterious figure when suddenly Luigi is hit with Night Slash. The other three are too slow to react as the mysterious fighter hits Ice Beam on Dusknoir, before hitting Ice Shard on Gengar knocking the Pokemon out. Mario turns to look for the figure before being hit with Knock Off.

The mysterious figure turns to the camera, revealing itself as the Sharp Claw Pokemon, Weavile. Weavile gives a sinister grin towards the camera before leaping into the air before hitting Dark Pulse, destroying the building and everyone in sight.

Weavile Pokken

Weavile joins the battle!

Tekken 8 / Tekken Tag Tournament 3

So this is an idea that I've had for a while now. I really love the Tekken series and was planning on making a Tekken game but decided to save the idea for the Showcase as a surprise. So I am planning to introduce multiple new characters and I'll try to complete this game because I actually believe in this idea! So the only problem is whether I should go with the main series or make the third game in the Tekken Tag Tournament series... Oh well, I hope you like what I'll present!

Day 2 (October 31st)

Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset DLC Characters

The trailer begins with Wario and Waluigi dancing after defeating Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in a hard-fought battle, showed by the exhausted looks by each character. The Kongs offer a handshake as Wario and Waluigi accept and they dance together. Suddenly, they hear cheers and applause and smile before seeing a man in a disco suit and afro breakdancing.

The four fighters are pissed and call over the dancing superstar before Diddy Kong gets knocked out with a huge backflip, sending Diddy flying through the air. Donkey Kong attempts to rush the dancer, before getting his legs sweeped out from under him with a beautiful capoeira move. Wario and Waluigi get ready to battle before a giant disco ball appears from the top of the screen. Suddenly, the two are being forced to dance as the mysterious man grins and laughs at them before sending them flying with a huge kick to the midsection of Waluigi before grabbing and throwing Wario off the stage.

The mysterious dancer turns to camera and puts on his sunglasses, revealing himself as Tiger Jackson from the Tekken series. Tiger Jackson smiles at the camera before dancing to end the trailer.

Tiger Jackson TTT2 CG

Tiger Jackson dances into the battle!

The Warriors of Nova

So this was an idea I've had for a while now. It's an umbrella crossover fighting game that I've tried to do several times but failed to complete them as I fucked up a lot of shit in the games such as the rosters (mainly). I've had a lot of characters in mind, all of them I've seen from my own media experiences such as Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones and Tiger Jackson from Tekken. Well, I hope you'll like this umbrella game and it should be out after the showcase is done.

Day 3 (November 1st)

Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset DLC Characters

The trailer begins with a dogfight between an Arwing, manned by Fox, Falco, Krystal, Peppy and Slippy and a Wolfen, manned only by Wolf O'Donnell. As the two aerial vehicles attempt to destroy one another, a mysterious figure hisses from the Wolfen before leaping atop the airship.

Team Star Fox attempt to shoot the unknown figure before he vanishes. Peppy appears confused and does a barrel roll into the other room, before he gets sniped in the chest. The other four are still focused on Wolf as the figure throws a grenade into the room, knocking out Slippy and hurting the others in the process. The figure steps into the light, revealing himself as Leon Powalski.

Leon grins as he begins firing his laser at the remaining three, hitting Krystal in the process. Fox and Falco attempt to outnumber Leon but he vanishes again. The two attempt to search for Leon before we cut to Powalski perched on top of the Wolfen, grin at the camera, before leaping in the air and jumping on the Rainbow Delta. The two protagonists finally see Leon, but it's too late, as Leon overwhelms the Arwing with a brutal Plasma Cannon strike.

Leon gives a thumbs up to Wolf before flying off into the distance.

Leon Powalski Assault

Leon Powalski slithers into the fray!

Nova's Fabulicious Wrestling Extravaganza

This is basically a game I came up with while I was on chat one day. People were talking about the usual stuff like Lumo's avie and then in my head, I was like, "Why not make a wrestling game called Nova's Fabulicious Wrestling Orgy?!?" Ultimately, I decided not to include orgy in the title due to the amount of younger users on this Wikia. So what is this game about? Well to be honest, I haven't really gotten that far with it yet. I was thinking maybe some kind of tournament with each wrestler having their own endings but I am currently undecided due to the number of wrestlers in this game (I've got about 250 right now.) So yeah, this is probably one of the games I'm most excited on because I know my intentions on what I want and the only thing I need to work on is the Story Mode or some shit. Well, I hope you enjoy what I have in store and there might be a bit more reveals after this!

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