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Welcome to the showcase, folks. I'd like to start with the shortest and least intensive announcement, so here's a brief status update on Resurgence.

I know I need to write more and am so sorry for all this schedule slip. Resurgence probably won't update again in 2015 due to how busy the holiday season is for me, but I want to say right here, right now, that I want to give it 110% and finish Resurgence by June 2016, and that as soon as January hits I'm buckling down and starting. I know it's a bit disappointing, but good things come to those who wait.



Yggdrasil is kind of caught up between a lot of stuff, but it exists. It'll definitely happen in 2016, and today I'm glad to show off a bit more of the game's world with a trailer. Enjoy!

In a dense forest, two men in armor walk, carrying crossbows and looking around cautiously. Leaves rustle and a glowing trail is revealed.

Slender knight: A-are you sure about this one?
Stout knight: Trust me, this creature's no problem. Vanquish it, bring the meat home, big feast for everyone.

The stout knight runs along the glowing trail and the slender knight follows along. After a short distance they stop and duck behind a rock. Deep growls fill the air and the slender knight peeks out to see a massive top-heavy mass of shadows.

Slender knight: No go on this one. Too big.
Stout knight: Nonsense. No beast too big for the Vanguard!

The stout knight rolls out quickly and fires an arrow at the beast. The arrow disappears into it and it turns around, two beady glowing eyes staring back at the knights. It begins to growl again, walking towards them and lifting the rock over its head.

Stout knight: S-stand down! I'm not afraid to use my sword!

The stout knight pulls out his sword and points it at the creature. The creature drops the rock and falls, beginning to fade into dust.

Slender knight: did it! You actually pulled it off!
Stout knight: Even brutish beasts must understand the might of the Vanguard. Didn't even have to fight.

As the creature finishes fading, it becomes obvious it had been stabbed in the back with a trident. A young woman dressed in hunting gear drops down from a tree and picks the trident up.

Syzele: You two would be dead if I hadn't gotten the drop on that thing. Hurry up, there's probably more nearby.
Slender knight: ...more?!

Expect more from Yggdrasil in 2016.

Slaughterbus Forever

Slaughterbus Forever

Nothing I can say here can convey the right sense of grandness. Enjoy another trailer.

Narrator: For years, you have reigned.

Fire lights a cave wall, revealing crude paintings of a massive yellow-orange monolith.

Narrator: Even we do not know our creators. They left us long ago - but they did give us purpose in this world.

The cave drawings gradually fade to carved hieroglyphics, depicting a broken throne surrounded by fire.

Narrator: Tyranny is to be demolished. False idols are to be toppled. Authority is unradical.

The hieroglyphics fade to a scroll, depicting a being of metal destroying a castle.

Narrator: You could conquer any foe. No being stood in your path as you forged a world where all were free, your blazing path a signal of hope for those who couldn't fight.

The scroll fades to a newspaper. The headline reads "EXTRATERRESTRIAL SCHOOL BUS TOPPLES BANANA REPUBLIC" and a picture shows a flying bus launching missiles.

Narrator: And so, not once did you stop to think anyone wae capable of challenging you.

A robotic hand grabs the newspaper. The scene cuts to a coated man running through a rainy city, pushing people onto the streets. He holds a book close to his chest.

Narrator: Spacethority never stood a chance against you, but from failure we learn.

The man ducks into a back alley and looks at a massive object under a tarp. He looks at thw cover of the book - black leather with the title printed in gold. "Slaughterbus Sightings".

Narrator: We grow.

The man removes his coat, revealing an almost skeletal robotic body with one glowing blue eye. The object under the tarp begins to glow blue as the robotic body places the book on it.

Narrator: And we improve ourselves.

The covered object reveals itself to be a silver shuttle, similiar in appearance to Slaughterbus. The robot collapses and disassembles as the silver bus's liquid metal surface consumes the book. Quickly, the bus flies off into the clouds, flashes of blue light following it.

2016. Be there.


A sandstorm rages. The only sound is howling wind.

A glowing red X flickers on screen.

???: I don't think they'll understand what I'm doing. They never were good at considering how those on the other side of the conflict thought.

A tall figure wearing a cloak hovers through the sandstorm, pushing against the harsh winds.

???: If they could have understood, they would have by now.

Grimacing, the figure snaps, and the sand freezes in place. Walking along, it holds a clawed hand up to the frozen streams of dust, strange distortion covering the sand.

???: For eons, I have bided my time. I thought that just maybe, there was a chance that they would start to see me as more than a mistake.

Snapping again, the figure removes its cloak as the sand falls around it. The Mistake stares up at the night sky, a fist clenched.

The Mistake: I'm not going to wait anymore, though.
FSBZenith Logo 1
The Mistake: I've waited long enough.

The glowing red X flickers again.


happy halloween, everyone.

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