Day 1


On September 18th I held sign-ups for a little game known as Fantendo: Imperium. Then I got Bronchitis and became a miserable skeleton for a month. But now I am back to share more info about the game, to get you all hyped for it's release in 2016.

The primary focus of the game is the story mode, Countdown to Imperium. Following the events of Fantendo - Genesis and Fantendo Labyrinth, Unten and the other Fantendoverse heroes, villains, and in-betweeners find that their homes are losing all energy, and the culprit is a beorn named Lord Imperium. Set on using the energy to build a powerful machine, it's up to Unten to stop him, and learn why he knows so much about Unten.

The gameplay is a 3D title that mixes tons of elements. Players take control of a huge army of Fantendoverse characters as they explore an open-world, fighting enemies and solving puzzles to complete various missions. Each character has their own special abilities as well, which they'll need as they explore planets across the Fantendoverse to save the energy before Imperium gets it.

And now for our trailer!


The camera shows Gabrielgate University on a beautiful sunny day. Suddenly, in a flash, the students are all knocked unconcious by a wave of darkness, and the sun gets dimmer, with trees and plants turning into sad, gnarled shadows of their former selves.

The trailer then turns to gameplay as viewers come upon their hero...

Tyler (mr. know it all) main art


Mr. Know It All

Tyler navigates the university quietly, as the mission screen shows an indicator that he must investigate to progress. Tyler quickly takes out a magnifying glass, using his Special Ability, deducing that a catyclysmic event has taken place. The mission is completed as Tyler is rewarded XP and money.

The screen goes black as the logo is shown, with a deep voice telling an unknown person that it's never over...

Day 2


Followers of my work(who the fuck am I kidding, no one follows my work) will know about a game i've been planning for a while, an alternate universe Strafe title named Strafe: Lethal Seven.

Strafe, in this alternate continuity, is an assasin who follows a code of honor. However, his choice of targets has attracted the attention of a mysterious villain who hires seven assasins, the best of their kind, to eliminate Strafe. Now, it's up to Strafe to kill all seven and find the identidy of their employer.

The game is a third-person shooter with open world and platformer elements. Players take control of Strafe as he completes missions and uses various weapons to eventually battle the seven assasins, each with their own unique abilities and difficulty level.

Now, without further ado, here is the premiere trailer for Strafe: Lethal Seven, coming in late 2015/2016.


Strafe walks through a grassy valley when he is slashed across the face by claws by a seemingly invisible target. Strafe shrugs off the injury, and takes out duel pistols, looking across the valley when he spots a loose outline in the water. Strafe blasts his pistols multiple times, but doesn't hit his target.

Strafe then arms himself with a smoke grenade, which creates a puff of toxic smoke, revealing a large anthromorphic lizard who Strafe recognizes as the famous assasin Gammon. Gammon leaps onto Strafe, knocking out his weapons. Gammon and Strafe battle in melee combat, with Gammon beating Strafe with his sharp claws. Strafe reveals a shiv though, and draws first blood from Gammon.

Screeching in pain, they tumble down a hill and fall onto hard concrete. Strafe and Gammon hop up at the same time, and leap towards each other as the screen goes black, with the logo being revealed.

Day 3


2, almost 3 years ago, my good friend PabloDePablo made a little known game entitled NITROS. Recently, I got the rights from him to bring back this excellent concept into a whole new, fully fledged game entitled NITROS. You probably already knew that.

In the far future, sentient vehicles known as NITROS are pitted against each other in a grand competition known as the Nitro Run, combining fast racing with brutal combat. On one race, they are accidentally transported to an uncharted tropical planet, where they are drawn in by a strange beacon. Now, they must get back to the Nitro Run while facing against the planet's mysterious forces.

The game is a hybrid arcade racer/vehicular combat game. Players take control of 16 unique NITROS, each with their own stats, weapons, and special abilities. Although the goal of racing to the end is familiar, a twist is that every NITROS has a health bar, which can be depleted by attacks and by using the powerful and unique item system. Players must skillfully manage their health and make it to the finish line if they want to win.

And now, here is the trailer for NITROS, coming soon.


Various signs are shown, sponsoring a number of companies as people in the giant stadium cheer loudly. Suddenly, a deafening roar silences them all, as 16 vehicles race by. Commentators introduce the vehicles as NITROS, futuristic vehicles that are sentient, and introduce the race as the first stop on the galactic-wide Nitro Run.

A sleek red and white NITROS blasts past the competition, pulling into first as they race around a relatively simple loop. The commentator introduces the NITROS as the famous Japanese NITROS Shinkei-01. Suddenly though, an icy blue NITROS named Odin passes Shinkei, slashing Shinkei's steel hood with a giant blue axe and racing past Shinkei.

Shinkei is left in the dust, and finds himself in last place. All is not lost though, as Shinkei reveals his duel katanas, which he uses to slash through the 15 others at high speeds, taking out Odin and pulling back into first place just as the race ends. The 16 NITROS all head back to the garage, and are teleported by the engineers to what should be their next spot.

However, the 16 NITROS find themselves in an unfamiliar tropical planet, with a giant beacon in the center of it. As the NITROS look in awe, a bright light shines out of it, overtaking the screen as the logo for the game is shown.

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