Illusion Works

October 30th (Day 01)

Hello anyone and everyone, welcome to the first ever official Illusion Works showcase! We're so excited to work on our projects as the name change has given every employee that little bit of extra inspiration! Let's move right along to our presentation then, shall we?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Abyss of Enchantment


First off is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Abyss of Enchantment. There are a lot of new and returning features in the game, for example the Quiz from the original DS titles returns and is more reliable than before. Also, there are multiple save files with the game, so you can create multiple exploration teams! Also expanding on Explorers of the Sky, there will be points in the game's story where you take the role of other Pokemon instead of just yourself, which will add more diversity and more fun to the game!

There will also be a lot of characters in the game. The premise revolves around Exploration Teams becoming a very popular trend for Pokemon (almost like a ritual), and there is a ranking system which helps determine which teams are the best in the region. There are a few particular teams which are interesting and have relevance in the story, for example Team Venom, featuring Scolipede, Toxicroak and Garbodor. However in this universe, as times get tougher to become the best exploration team, teams do change members from time to time.


There is a lot of content in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Abyss of Enchantment, and we're so excited to reveal as much as we can about it!

Super Smash Bros. Millennium


Next on the block we have Super Smash Bros. Millennium! First we'll be talking about the Game Modes. Millennium has 5 game modes in total, Smash, Smash Wars, Smash Nations, Smash Plaza and Smash Slots. In Smash Wars, you play a chapter-by-chapter story with multiple characters and alternate between them accordingly. The story has a similarity to Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary, where some characters are turned into trophies, however there is a much sinister twist and much more action during. 

Secondly there is Smash Nations. You have to pick a franchise to represent and then you can play through a ladder of opponents. When you complete the ladder you receive a trophy for that character and another randomized trophy. Some characters can also be unlocked this way.

Thirdly there is Smash Plaza, which is the successor to Smash Tour and Smash Run with more depth. You travel around a 3D open Plaza, and in which you have to locate different characters so that you can recruit them into your team for the Final Smash. In some cases you may have to do deeds for them, or have a certain character recruited before they'll join you. They may also request to battle against you first to prove that you're a worthy ally.

Lastly there is Smash Slots which returns from the previous installment Super Smash Bros. Anarchy. You pick a character from the roster and then a Slot machine begins to spin. Then the four characters that appear on the Slot Machine's screen will the ones fighting, and you will play as whichever is the character in the first slot. It makes the game of Smash a lot less predictable and adds more fun to the entire experience.

Anyways let's move on to the characters! Enjoy this new trailer.

We see Villager and Wii Fit Trainer standing outside what looks like a Temple covered in vines and wildlife. The two enter the Temple, and dodge many traps that were facing them showcased through quick time events. They manage to reach an alter where a hole in the ceiling lies. A small girl levitates down through the crevice and lands on the ground.
Viridi Splash Screen
The trailer continues showcasing Viridi's game play and several moves that she can perform against multiple opponents. Then it resumes back to the cinematic style. The band of three turn around and see two figures in front of them smiling maniacally. The two figures emerge from the shadows, one being Bowser and the other being...
Ashley Splash Screen
The trailer then continues to play with Ashley's in-game moves. The screen then fades to black as an evil laugh concludes.

Tune in tomorrow for more news on Super Smash Bros. Millennium and our other titles as well!

October 31st (Day 02)

Welcome to Day 2 of our Spooky Scary Showcase! First on the cards we have...

Codename Crescent

Codename Crescent Logo

Codename Crescent! Our upcoming intergalactic racing game. We are currently looking for an artist to draw the designs of the characters, however we can still reveal the characters' names, Atlas, Epsilon, Maia and Libra. They all play major roles in the story of the game, and we can't wait to reveal more information about them as time passes.

There will be a lot of characters in this game, a lot from other franchises and other gaming series. If you have any characters you would like to see appear in Codename Crescent you can leave the suggestion in the comments or on the blog I will be making later today. We're very excited to be finally working on this title full-time!

The Temple of Dreams II


Next we have The Temple of Dreams II. Now, there are a lot of characters in this game all with differing personalities and trademarks to make them all unique in their own right. Have a look at all the characters coming up in this title:

And believe it or not there are still more characters being created for the game! We're very excited to be working on this game finally after the succession of the first title, we will be revealing more about the actual game itself tonight so look forward to that!

Super Smash Bros. Millennium

And now we have Super Smash Bros. Millennium! All we have for today is a trailer, but please enjoy it nonetheless...

We see Pikachu and King Dedede walk into a Stadium of sorts. They walk inside and they see two people fighting against each other ferociously. Pikachu identifies the two people fighting and gasps.
Gothitelle Splash Screen
Grovyle Splash Screen
The trailer then continues to show the two fighting against each other in various different stages. Then on the Pokemon Stadium stage, the two stop fighting and a darkened flying figure emerges on the stage, only to use a special move before the screen fades to black.

Vermilion Ashes

Vermilion Ashes Logo

Vermilion Ashes! There are four main characters in this series, Tess, Vermilion, Ash and Aveira. All of which play a significant role in the story. The story revolves around the after effects of Radioactive's Decay of Deceit story, where Tess have escaped from the Arena but now there are other forces aware of her weird entrance to the arena. The first episode will be going live straight after this presentation to check it out if you're interested! Finally we have one more thing to announce...

Vermilion Extinction

Vermilion Extinction! The second title in the Vermilion series, however this time it will be a video game, not a visual novel.

Thank you for viewing our showcase and we hope to see you sometime soon at the Winter showcase! Take care!

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