Green Productions

Day 1


Many of my games have been dead for a while, including The Legendary Climbers, The Adventures of the Dark Climbers, Fantendo Brawlers, and Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel. I can happily announce that all of these games will be rebooted in the following weeks. The Legendary Climbers will be rebooted Nov. 9th, so look forward to that Or don't, I don't give a shit either way.

Super Mario Bros.: Adventures

Yes. Another TV show... that's about it.

Day 2

Nintendo High School

Nintendo High School will return soon, and I'm here to announce some more episodes.

Meta Knight's Return

ROBots Just Wanna Be Normal

A Mile in My Shoes

Day 3

Mystery Project

It's called...


In Fantendo Monsters, there's a pretty normal town. But, there's a scientist who, if anyone dared to try to talk to him, they disappeared. One day, 5 year old boy Fant Endo was wondering around, asking people if they wanted to buy chocolate. But he accidently knocked on the scientist's door. When the scientist answered, he quickly said no and closed the door. However, Fant noticed that there was something weird inside of his house. H then decided that he needed to find out what it is. Getting into his house is the first mission.

After getting into his house, you see that there is a container that has Doomulus Grime frozen inside. Fant then hits a switch, causing Doomulus Grime to get out. He then heads into another room. Fant follows and sees that he froze the scientist and has unfroze the 300 monsters that were in the basement. Fant turns the heat up, allowing the scientist to escape. "What have you done?! That was Doomulus Grime, one of Fantendo's most dangerous monsters! Who knows what kinds of trouble he and his monsters are causing!!!!" The scientist yelled. "Sorry, I just wanted to sell him cookies." Fant whimpered. "Look, kid. I don't think you understand wht happened. But, you have to stop Doomulus." The scientist responded. Fant asks why, and the scientist says that he will freeze up again in 5 minutes. He then brings Fant to another room, fits him up with special gear, and then Fant flies off. Just then, the scientist freezes again.

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