Flaming Games

Day 1

Alright since we have like 3 days for this and I have a fuckton of shit to announce... well this'll be a long day...

Evil Empire

Alright the newest idea i've had, Evil Empire is a RTS game that'll be based off of some of the stupid freemium city building games (without the freemium shit and waiting), that one mechanic in that facebook version of PvZ that let you attack other players, this one MMO game on a website where you built your own empire, and some other shit. Basically you recruit villains, start to train them, combine them with objects or other villains, buy them shit, make their evil base suit their needs, complete quests for them and with them, and attack other players with them. Yeah this is kinda overdone but who gives a shit? The people who don't like these types of games? 

Day 2

And I forgot to add more to day 1, looks like i'll be announcing a fuckton of shit today....

Evil Empire Part 2

Evil Empire will also have special villains given out to you on special days, like the Joker. Sometimes, heros will attack your Evil Empire and attempt to bring it down. You'll have to select a team of 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 villains to fight back. Each villain has their own stats, abilities, weaknesses, etc. For example, Chairman (combine a chair with a villain) has the ability to fire chairs at his enemies, but a hero like Lumberman could chop him down.

Sports Play Rebooted

Remember that crappy sports game I made? Probably not, but i'm rebooting it. Instead of being called something lame like Sports-Play 3D it'll have a totally different name that I haven't decided on. Now it'll be more organized, feature more sports, be on more consoles, have more opponents and playable characters, feature boss characters, event characters, upgrades, etc. You can fully customize your mii if you choose to play as a mii, customize your bowling ball, and more. Expect it to be hitting a store near you!

New Console

Here at Flaming Games, besides setting all our games on fire, we wanna make you have the best experience ever! ...So we can make way more money from you wanting to buy more from us. Now we'll have a brand new console with launch titles like Sports-Play Rebooted (haven't decided on a name still), some other games that exist in real life, and some games we haven't announced at all yet! We're currently deciding on a name, but expect such great console names like: Flame X, Flamestation, Flamebox, FlameDS, Flamii, and a ton of other console names that we stole-I mean borrowed from companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and more.

Seriously though, it'll probably be called Flame X. If you download a app on your Iphone or Ipad called My Flaming Account, you'll be able to see stats from games you've played on the Flame X on your Iphone or Ipad!

A teaser because we can!

"That day, i'll always remember." The screen slowly shows people dying. Hanging themselves, shooting themselves, betrayed by their friends, old age, shot, stabbed, hanged, drowned, until it cuts to a boy standing at a lake. A girl walks up to the boy with a knife, and the boy screams for help. He jumps in the lake as the girl lunges at him and they both fall into the lake, and never resurface. "It was the day I learnt there was no heaven or hell, that god doesn't exist, that the devil doesn't either." It cuts to a orb of blue light and a orb of red light flying to the sun. They end up hitting some sort of barrier and getting sent back down to earth. They end up transforming, until the blue orb is now the boy and the red orb is now the girl. "I know this, because I'm dead and got sent to neither. The same is with this girl. Instead, we're stuck on earth for 10 hours, and we must find a way to get revived or something, or we fade away. When a person dies, they don't go to heaven or hell. They get sent in a orb of either blue or red and soon become human again. They then have 10 hours to get revived, and then they fade away for good. So in a way, ghosts exist, but not really." The screen fades to black.

Day 3

And now for the final things.

Unnamed Game

I can't really say much for this, but expect some sort of game using the character I adopted from the adoptfest. I was actually planning to add more info but I can't- nevermind just got a boss idea. So to make reading this section worthwhile... Concepts of Boss Ideas that probably suck!

Kiroa - A gigantic worm that can burrow under the ground and try to eat you. 

Liroy - A mutant squirrel who can shoot beams of ice out of his eyes to freeze you, and then stomp on you.

Miar - A gigantic crow who can summon more crows that have a chance to infect you with a disease that slowly drains your health.



Fadeaway is a action/adventure game, featuring two playable characters: A male one who prefers not to fight and has the ability to try and reason with enemies and a female one who used to basically be a serial killer who has a 1% chance to insta-kill enemies. There's 3 difficulty modes which change two main things - The time limit (Easy mode = 12 hours, normal mode = 10 hours, hard mode = 8 hours) and the enemies stats. Depending on who you play as and the time you finish under the ending will play (with difficulty having a minor change)

Worst Ending: 1-2 Hours

Bad Ending: 3-4 Hours

Good Ending: 5-6 Hours

Best Ending: 7-8 Hours

These hours may be changed later in development. The many enemies you encounter can vary from gang members and Police, to mutant rabbits and zombies. There'll also be tons of sidequests and rewards that'll require use of the Slowtime Mechanic which you obtain after defeating the first boss, allowing you to slow time (of course) which slows down everything but you. The second you attack an enemy though, time will go back to normal. 

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