Existence Software - SSShowcase2015

The Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase presentation of Existence Software, hosted by Jake. Expect some big announcements for stuff that won't ever be finished!

ACL-SSFS2015-October 30

Welcome to the first day of the Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase! I'm Jake, and I'll be your host for the next three days. So, let's get started, shall we?

Jake's SSB2

So, I revealed the JSSB series quite a while ago, and people have said that I'd be insane to finish the first game since it's taken so long and includes so much. My response: have you met me!?

So today, I'm going to talk a bit about JSSB2, because why the fuck not, right? Starting with the story. Quite a while ago, JSSB2 looked a lot more like Fighters of Lapis than Super Smash Bros.. The reason for this comes from the initial idea for the JSSB2 story mode: Writer's Block. The initial idea for Writer's Block was that Nikki was the god of the JSSB universe, as everything was just a fan fiction. The idea for the umbrella roster was that someone (me) got their hands on Nikki's notebook, and added all the characters in to mess everything up. To be honest, I liked this idea quite a bit, but the reason I changed it was because it didn't make much sense in an SSB game.

Today, Writer's Block is a lot lamer. Nikki is still the god of the universe in that she controls everything that happens. Writer's Block now focuses on Nikki running out of ideas, and the world collapsing in as she starts to abandon the world she created. Using this collapse to their advantages, the villains decide that they need to save the world and mould it into their own image.

And now for the question everyone has been asking: WHY IS NEVERWORLD REPRESENTED? Easy. Because I wanted it to be. And it's Jake's Super Smash Bros..

Cosmic Skirmish logo

Next up is this new piece of shit. Basically, this is a fighter game featuring a bunch of people of original creation for this game, and from games I've cancelled (let's see here.... Time Souls, Plaything Paradigm, Reaper's Game, Polymorphic Poem, and Celestial Academy are some of them). It's similar to Versus Planet and J-Stars Victory VS, since it'll be a 3D fighting game. Unlike J-Stars and Versus Planet, it's all about yourself. There're no teams, there's no supports, it's just you.

The story is pretty simple:

For thousands of years, strange rocks have fallen from the depths of space onto the Earth. These rocks, little did scientists know, gave powers to the first living being to touch it. These rocks have fallen on every known planet in every known galaxy, and today the reason for it has been revealed: those that sent it, need entertainment. Fight for your life as you are thrown into the coliseum and forced to fight to the death against fighters from time, space, and dimensions.

Like SoulCalibur, every character has their own story mode.

Now the roster.... so far:

Finally, today I want to reveal something that I "announced" a long time ago...

SMRPG Virtues

Back in 2011, I made a piece of shit game called Super Mario Virtue. It's terrible. This is a sort of reboot to it. Super Mario RPG: Virtues is a darker take on the Super Mario series, as there is no captive princess or world-threatening monster. No, simply the sun has been blocked out by.... someone. Mario and Luigi, and later others, must set off to bring back the sun.....

Blah blah blah, you people probably don't care about this. There's probably only one person reading this.

Okay basically Mario and Co. get Virtues that become their powers. They can fuse their Virtues with power-ups to gain additional powers, all at the cost of slowly draining away their essence.

The reason I said I "announced" this project earlier is simple. It was on the original page.

Welp, see you tomorrow.

ACL-SSFS2015-October 31

Welcome back to the second day of the showcase! Surprisingly, at least two people read my last presentation. So that means I am doing 100% better than I thought I was doing. And happy Halloween to all that are reading this! Okay, now on to this stuff:

Fazbear Fright

I feel like I pull a Treyarch every time I talk about this game. I just hint towards a lot of stuff without actually talking about it. All that you guys know is that it's a 3D horror game and reimagining of FNAF. That's basically all you need to know..... but I'm nice so I'm giving you.

You play as a dude who shall not be named (mainly because I haven't decided on a name), but for now he shall be called "Bob". "Bob" has worked at a mall for several years as the head of night security. Because there are so many video cameras, and the mall is so small, they need only one or two people in the mall late at night.

The newest hangout for children opens in the mall after several months of construction: Fazbear and Friends' Diner. The main attraction of Fazbear and Friends is the animatronic band that plays music all day, before turning into hollow shells at night.

Two days after the grand opening of F&F, "Bob" and his partner are alerted to movement at the diner. His partner goes down to the diner to investigate, but doesn't come back. Not later that night, not the next day. His boss thinks he quit, but "Bob" thinks otherwise and decides to check out Fazbear and Friends.

As "Bob" you must survive your job as night guard, with the animatronics loose through the mall. They seem to be searching for something, and when they catch you, they know they had found it.

The five animatronics are Foxy, Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie - of course - as well as the puppet.

Just so you all know, this is a reimagining of the FNAF series. It'll follow the basic hidden storyline (kids died), but with a new twist. That I'll reveal eventually.

Mission MQM

Okay, I'm still fleshing out most of the details on the MQM reboot, which for now I'm titling Mission MQM but will probably be changed eventually.

Have you ever played the video game based on Cars? The first one for PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, GCN, Wii.... blah blah. Yeah that one. It'll be kind of like that: an open world racing game where you have to complete various missions.

The game is basically centred around MQM as he trains for the Olympiad Circuit, the most prestigious of all racing tournaments. There will be "boss battles" - basically just races - against others in qualifiers, and stuff like that.

Also Chick Bowser may be pushed into a volcano like in the original series. Yes, that happens.

Jake Preview SS2015 v2

The other day, I made a short blog asking for votes on whether this or another logo type is better. I marked the blog for deletion soon after since the votes were unanimous in regards to this one. Honestly I'm GLaD; I kind of like this logo a lot better.

World Mould

World Mould will be a toys-to-life umbrella game that follows the premise of the original Writer's Block storyline I explained yesterday: a character messes with another person's story by adding in a bunch of random characters to mess everything up. The story will be featured around three original characters (whose designs are all being worked on.... I had hoped they'd be done by this, but I'm having trouble deciding a lot of things) who were to be the main protagonists of this story. As they travel through the different worlds that were created when the story was messed with, they meet up with characters to help them.

Gameplay-wise it will be like Legend of Zelda, in that there will be dungeons (some worlds), a hub era (an amalgamation of a bunch of worlds), and based a lot around combat and puzzles.

Oh but we're not done! I'll be revealing more later, so check back soon! For now, some logos....

Kid Icarus Retribution

Aaaaand we're back! Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of my favourite games ever, and easily my favourite 3DS game. So here's Retribution, the sequel.

Basically Orcos, the main antagonist of the second Kid Icarus game (the one Nintendo doesn't talk about), is summoned by Hades after his defeat at the end of Uprising. In his original appearance, he just disappeared after being defeated, mainly due to limitations in software. In the revamped canon, he was sealed in the Tome of Jupiter. Hades' essence stole the tome with the help of his monsters, and called upon Orcos. Hades, in the state of near-death, fused his essence with Orcos, and the two begin to storm through Angel Land, stealing the souls of angels to create evil Centurions under command of Hades/Orcos. The Forces of Nature and the Angel World army must now work together to stop this chaos.

Now Pit and Dark Pit must work together (allowing for co-op) under command of Viridi and Palutena to save Angel Land... and so they aren't turned into Hades' minions.

So I was planning on reminding everyone that Fantendo Kart used to be a thing, but someone couldn't wait another like four days. Basically Fantendo Velocity will be a new Fantendo Kart game. I'll make a sign up blog in a few days.

Velocity will feature a story mode that'll tie into another thing. Both the story and the "other thing" will be talked about tomorrow.

Ultimate Jump Vs

So I was initially going to reveal Ultimate Jump VS. here, but I decided not to and start working on it beforehand. Something I will announce today is the (and I'm taking a page out of Nintendo's book) ULTIMATE JUMP FIGHTER BALLOT!

You can vote for any character that was featured in a series serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Even if that series later moved to another magazine, it doesn't matter! Characters with potential will be included in one of four DLC packs for Ultimate Jump VS.. Each pack will come with a playable character, two support characters, and a stage; with profiles for the three characters included.


I am also pleased to announce the first DLC pack. This first pack includes the following:

Lenalee Lee
D Gray Man logo
Tumblr nnsg8cO2Lq1toywoyo1 500
Karma Akabane
Assassination Classroom logo
198 render jus5
Hoshin Engi logo

Lenalee Lee (D.Gray-man) is the newest playable character, with Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom) and Taikoubou (Hoshin Engi) as support characters. The stage included in the first pack (not pictured due to the template looking weird when alongside the character template) will be Hakoniwa Academy from Medaka Box.

Also Happy Halloween!

ACL-SSFS2015-November 1

Okay last day let's make this count!

Neverworld English

So for the one person who cares about Neverworld, you may have seen these two characters on the NeveRift page. Now, let me tell you a little bit about these two.

The Harmony and The Tempest are two beings with incredible power. Summoned by the Neverworlder when he creates the Neverworld, they act as his two right-hand men (right and left-hand men??). In reality, the Neverworlder created them in order to balance his powers.

Also I should mention I didn't plan at all for this thing other than some ideas on what I was going to show and I just pulled NeveRift out of my butt.

Fissure-17 logo
F17 Unten Message

Fissure-17 is my take on the original Fissure and the beginning of my take on the Fantendoverse: the F-17 Continuity. Fissure-17 follows Unten and Zerita (and Woah) as they must travel from planet to planet trying to find Doomulus Grime after he destroys Zeon, and kills 90% of the Beorn population.

After Zeon is destroyed, Unten, cast out in one of the few escape pods, crash lands on Pyarsvic where he is found by a Sjarc named Woah. After Grime's ship appears to destroy Pyarsvic, Woah and Unten qork together to try and escape the planet, and defeat Grime before he can destroy anything else.

Of course this is a more abridged version of the plot.

Anyway the main plot focuses around Grime wanting to open a fissure in reality as he tries to find a strange person. This fissure allows for Fantendo characters to cross over and create Frihed and Skærsilden, two universes that exist both independently and dependently to one another.

....and that's how.....

Fantendo Velocity


Did you think that was it? Well, I'm back!

I'm please to announce three more smaller projects I've been planning. This section will be incredibly small simply because they haven't really been planned out much.

Animal Crossing GP

Nintendo's version of ModNation Racers. The first ever Leaf Cup tournament will be held by Tom Nook, and he challenges towns all over the world to create the best race courses possible. Not only are you able to create up to twenty of your own courses for others to play, but you can also play as a large cast of Animal Crossing characters. I'm going to announce the first five playable characters right now! The first playable characters are Tom Nook, Isabelle, Lottie, Blathers, and K.K. Slider!

PokePark Z- XY logo

The third PokéPark title plays near-identical to the others. It features improved minigames (most notably better battles and more challenging hide-and-seek). The story of the game is that Groudon has transformed into Primal Groudon and the heat emitting from his body is destroying the PokéPark. Mew calls upon Pikachu and his friends to find Rayquaza and Kyogre in order to bring the temperature of the PokéPark back to normal.

Pokken 2 logo

The sequel to Pokkén Tournament. Features new fighters. Specifically, two of the new fighters will be Medicham and Farfetch'd.

Okay, now my presentation has finally been completed. For the two of you who have read all of it, thank you for reading it!

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