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Level 1: Kandy Shop 2: Sweet Treat Revenge Newcomers

Starting with this sweet reveal, I shall be revealing the 25 newcomers for Kandy Shop 2: Sweet Treat Revenge which is still in development. I will also give a short summary on each character so you know what each ability they wield at their command.


Sergeant Snicks: The sarge is based on one of are beloved users that left us not too long ago. His candy type is based on a Snickers bar and he basically uses caramel grenades and his trusty nougat rod. Since his backstory is long, I shortened it a bit. After serving for many years in the army, Snicks retires and goes back to his hometown. He made many friends and enemies along the way but he is focused on one thing, returning to his job. As Snicks was heading back to his hometown he stumbled upon the Kandy Shop tournament. Without hesitation, he enters armed with his Caramel Bombs and Nougat Rod.

Candicore: based on candy corn. Core was a dead corpse left out in a dusty corner of the shop. One day, a cinnamon wisp came and entered the body and sealed itself inside the body with a blocky sugar skull. Candicore is a heavy character and is much larger in comparison to other buffed characters, Gumbull and Cupquake. Core can deliver hard hitting moves due to his strength and occasionally, he will spew liquified cinnamon from his mouth due to the wisp inheriting cire's body.

Hunny Bonn: Bonn is based on the Honey Bun pastries. She may be small, but she can pack a punch! She thrives in the Honey Hive whereas she is a queen bee in training. She is able to sting repeatedly like wasps amd hornets and she wields her HoneyComb Wand. She is able to shoot bees, glaze and honey out of the wand which the honey can slow down opponents.

Cookie and Screem: These two are based on Oreo cookies. As a child, Cookie was gifted with a pet Cream Wisp by her parents. Screem would always stay in her backpack when sleeping and eating and was really shy. As these two grew up together they bonded well forming a great friendship with eachother. Cookie will be able to feed her wisp Frost Drops, Screem's favorite food. Depending on what color is selected, Screem will transform into assorted animals and/or objects. Ex. Green = Crocodile, Orange = Tiger.

Taffalynn: She is based on Taffy. Taf is a fitness instuctor and body builder from kids to adults. She is very athletic, agile and strong and will fight against anything in her way no matter how big or small. She is very flexible as well, allowing her to stretch herself to great lengths. This ability can be used as an advantage to tie up opponents, grabbing, and strangling.

Sparks: This chocolate rabbit is based on user Spark01 and one of his characters, 3.14. Sparks is a dark choclate bunny who hails from the Salt Saloon. He luckily, escaped on a bus that leads to the Kandy Shop. Upon arrival, he comes across a Poprock Plant. He then discovers the candy's explosive properties which then he creates Poprock Pies and Pop-Pop Dynamite to use against foes. Sparks is a jumpy character and is really swift with his assorted moves, such as feeding the poprocks to fellow opponents and launching multiple Poprock Pies by hand.

Pokon: Pokon is a poor chocolate chip farmer imported from the outskirts of Japan. Once imported, he unintentionally entered the Kandy Shop tournament when he bumped into one of the locals within the shop, primarily Gobber. Pokon only speaks Japanese due to being an import, however he understands the words challenge and fight in english. He wields Choclate Flake Fans which cam slice and blow away incoming opponents with incredible speed. Pokon also can use cocoa powder to make enemies stop breathinh for a small period of time which drains their health slowly.

Batty: Batty is a young Gushers bat who lives in Rock Candi Cavern. She and her family struggle to find food so it is up to her to fetch food to feed her parents and younger siblings. She can't suck blood but she can suck candy syrup and sugar! Like a bat, Batty will use swooping moves on opponents as well as biting and scratching characters. As well as sucking the sugar/candy syrup out of their systems for good.

Pab the Peep: This buff bird is based on user PabloDePablo. Pab is a beefy marshmellow bird who is also a bounty hunter. He wields a Toothpick Sword which he uses to stab and charge at foes. He can also grab giant characters and throw them with ease. When he is in danger, he can call up his fellow bounty hunters to heal him and attack his opponents briefly. He can also perform codec calls from his other cadets to find out about the character he is facing and what is their weaknesses.

Agent Muffin: Agent Muffin is based on the user with the same name. Agt.Muff is an undercover agent working for A.L.O.M the Advanced League of Muffins. Muff is armed with a Peppercorn Pistol which can shoot bullets at any distance and direction. He is stern and silent nost of the tine and he does not goof around when it comes to criminals.

Cryo: this fizzy bottle of pop is based on user CryoticYoshi. Cryo is a crystal pepsi who was once normal when bought from an online auction for $40,000. Due to being the last Crystal Pepsi in existence the person who purchased the old liquid stored it into a freezer and completely forgot about it days after. Overtime, the soda began mutating with other soda cans it was stored with until after a month, this soft drink transformed into a frozen fighter. Cryo mainly attacks with his power he can also slice up characters with the shards of aluminum debris he has due to the mutation effects.

Piña: Piña is a female piñata imported from Mexico City. She was created and shipped to America in order to be sold for Cinco De Mayo in the Kandy Shop. She then escaped her fate when a customer was about to purchase the party favor until he realized his wife bought a piñata a day prior. Piña now thrives in the store wielding a spiked bat to attack foes. She is multi-lingual, so she is able to speak both spanish and english due to being an import and learning english within the shop. Piña is as big as Candicore but not much, she also loves eating candy.

The Klondike Crab: this chocolate crustacean is based on user KinglerMaster. Klondike was originally a gummy crab but fell into a freezer while walking along the counter and stayed inside there for months. Luckily, one day he drilled out of the freezer successfully mutated with a Klondike bar. He is now able to fly due to the aluminum foil wrapper of this delectable square treat. Klondike can shoot cubes of icecream and multiply almonds at foes. He can also freeze opponents with his Polar Breath.

Yorker: Yorker is a peppermint patty dog who is ver aggressive. He is enemies with Kat-Katt which is why the feline has many bite marks. Yorker has sharp claws and teeth much like Kat-Katt, and a peppermint bark leash which he can use to tie opponents, drive the peg through them and swing them around like a mace. Go fetch boy!

Churro Libre: a mexican churro wrestler who hails from Mexico City. He is mostly known to be competitive and merciless on occasion. He is friends with Piña and the two make a great team. He is agile on ground and floaty while airborne, which also makes him glide a bit. Churro also has Cinnamon Sugar Pipes which can blow a mist of this deadly mixture on opponents to stun them or reverse their moves. He mainly speaks spanish and knows little english thanks to Piña, but according to her, Churro's english is very broken due to being an import. Viva el Churro Libre!

Werewaffle: this breakfast buddy is based on me. Werewaffle lives in the wilderness with others in his pack. They love maple syrup as well as assorted candy and they tend to become aggressive when something or someone gets in their way. Werewaffle attacks much like a wolf would, except more agile and jumpy. They will also bite opponents till chunks of them come off. Avoid Werewaffles at all costs!

Skitella: Skitella is a female Skittles spider that also thrives in Rock Candi Cavern. She is good friends with Batty and her family as she usually comes from time to time to check on them. Skitella mainly uses Sour Webs which can trap enemies unless they break free. Skitella can also swing off of the ceiling to launch herself onto opponents. This colorful, 8 armed arachnid is ready to clash!

Milly Moo: Milly is a little chubby Milkshake Cow that thrives in the Ice Cream Parlor within the shop. She has a Cup-Pack that can shoot milkshakes out of the straw with different flavors having different effects. She can also replenish herself with her milkshake pack when she takes damage. This bovine beauty is ready to battle!

(And before you ask, she doesn't use her udders for battle because that would be weird. Think about that for a bit)

Bask & Robin: these two were and still are partners in crime. They always get into arguments most of the time, and they will also steal and cheat their way to victory no matter what. Bask, the brawn of the duo is an ice cream cake. He can shoot cookie balls from his hands as well as spit munchkin doughnuts from his mouth. He can also burn enemies with his candle as well as shoot mini strawberry bombs from his head he is also not the sweetest cake in the bakery.

Robin, the brains of the duo wields an Ice Cream rod which can shoot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and ice cream at opponents. He also has a smoldering cup of coffee which can burn opponents. Robin can also drink the coffee as well as Bask to create a Caffine Rush which increases their powers for a short time.

Twixxen: Twixxen is a Twix mailfox who works at the 1967 Choco Raiders Mail Services. He is very timid and shy and usually doesn't like anything that involves violence unless threatened. Twixxen uses Caramel Stamps which can slow down opponents for a brief period of time. He can also throw choclate envolopes which he can transform into sharp chocolate knives. He never misses a delivery, mail and fighting wise.

Zab the Zeeb: This zebra cake is based on user HungryZabu as well as some of her arts. Zab is a hungry zebra that is always starving. She loves eating anything that is sweet especially candy, and will do anything to get it. Zab is very nimble and fast at jumping. She wields a Pretzel Dagger which she uses to smite pastries for her to devour. Watch out candy-kind, because this Zebra is merciless to the max!

Karoler DeMet: Karoler is a turtle who had died due to falling into an oven. A few years later, Lolly encountered his corpse and shoved a chocolate chip into the head of the turtle. The reptilian got up and was alive, but hypnotized under Lolly's control. Karoler mutated greatly with buffed up arms, legs and tail with increased strength and spikes growing out of his shell. Karl broke out of the trance, and decided to find whoever killed him many years ago to seek revenge. Due to the mutation, Karl can spit out a caramel-chocolate sludge as well as shoot peanuts from his mouth and shell. Quick and steady wins the fight.

Cap'n T. Crunch: this british captain is based on user CrunchyTommy. Captain Thomas Crunch or Cap'n T. Crunch is the leader of the Crunch Brigade. This character traveled far and wide on his peppermint bark ship in along with his crew. Cruch sports a chocolate rice sword which will "crunch" incoming opponents. The captain speaks with a british accent as well as his crew. The captain can be greedy at various times, as well as taking any means necessary to plunder land and collect treasure.

Butterfangora: this giant reptilian is based on Butterfingers bar. Butterfangora thrives near the sky outside the shop. He is very large but he can scale himself down to size. Butter wields a peanut butter blaster which can shoot crunchy peanut butter which can cause damage, or creamy peanut butter which can slow opponents down. Butter can also launch peanut shards by moving his flexible body at a quick pace. Fangora can also breathe hot chocolate/peanut butter sauce which can burn enemies at command.

Sir Musker the III: This musketeer is based on a 3 Musketeers bar. Musker is a fine swordsman of sorts, full of craftiness and trickery. Not only he has 1 sword, he has 3. The Vanilla Viper resembles a snake, alowing to sink it's fangs into opponents on it's own. The Chocolate Clasher is more of a heavyweight sword. It cannot slice but it can deliver strong blows to opponents. The Strawberry Slasher is more lightweight but it can only slash thin objects. With thicker objects or opponents like Candicore, it will make minor scratches to the character. Musker will be able to switch between these 3 weapons during battle in order, vanilla,choclate and strawberry. Musker is very cocky and he thinks he is better than anyone else in fighting, cooking and other various activites. Truth be told, he is really a coward.

Level 2: Shapeshifter

Whoo 1st direct complete! Now it is time to reveal the hero and villains of my new upcoming game, Shapeshifter. In this game, the player takes control of Penta, the Pentagon Shape keeper. His fellow shape keepers considered him as an outcast due to not being serious about his position and always being creative. One day, the 7 keepers disappeared and it is up to Penta to search for them. Basically the game is a 2D platformer with some puzzle elements thrown in. The unique thing is the game will be able to swap perspectives ex.2D-3D. The only way to obtain 3D is to collect a certain amount of shapes like 5 circles will grant you a sphere.

However, if Penta takes a hit while in 3D form, he will explode as in, his 3D parts will come off and will revert back to normal. However, if you advance through a stage you keep your 3D perspective unless you are damaged. Without further ado, here is character art.

Now the main antagonist is Dekka, who is basically the ringleader of all this mess. He was the one that captured all the keepers and brainwashed them so they can destroy Penta. Penta must then journey through 8 colorful worlds to save his friends and destroy Dekka once and for all.

Level 3: FragmenTed

It's time for my last presentation everyone. This one is focused on a game I call FragmenTed. The game will be a 4-player, 2D Beat-em up in vein of the Streets of Rage series and Scott Pilgrim vs The World game. The game stars characters Kim, Cecil, Ivy and another character (that is in the planning stages) embarking on a journey to collect the lost fragments of time. Kim wants to do so so she is able to time travel back to see her mother due to not seeing her in Kim's childhood for she died after Kim was born.

Now I did 2 different art styles for the characters, tell me which style you prefer, The Exotoro inspired artstyle, or the Scott Pilgrim inspired style? (Only did headshots for now) Leave your answer in the comments. Now on to the characters!

Kimberly Wyarrs: Kim is the 20 year old hero of FragmenTed, and she is the one on her quest to find the fragments of time to time travel back to where her mother was alive so she can see her. Kim had an ok childhood, making friends along the way and growing up with her dad until one day he died of lung cancer when Kim turned 18. However, before this man went into the light, he gave Kim a gift which were two bracelets that harnessed electrical-heat energy to create burning wireframe projectiles. Kim trained with these for 2 years until she reached age 20 when he mastered them. She did discover the negative side effects with them such as the wireframes used in cold locations but freeze until it is shattered and the bracelets not being used at all in wet, humid locations. Kim is ok at empty handed combat but she tends to be a little weak sometimes. She is heroic, outgoing, and brave and she will never back down from a fight. She will also take any means necessary to annihilate anything that threatens her. She is also mostly avoided in highschool due to her short-tempered nature. Nevertheless, she is cold-hearted but she shows kindness to her friends and other characters that bond a friendship with her. This is one girl you don't want to mess around with.

Cecil Wheelrr: Cecil is a 22 year old male who is great friends with Kim and Ivy ever since they were children. Cecil is mostly a jokester and is known to be a trouble maker in highschool but he is mature when doing work. Cecil doesn't have a dangerous weapon like Kim's bracelets or extraordinary powers like Ivy, he does sport a pair of Heelys though, which he constantly gets reprimanded for wearing them around the school. These Heelys are a bit technological though, allowing Cecil to switch them back to normal by jumping. Same applies if he wants to change them to Heelys again. These roller shoes are an advantage when facing against foes, because it allows Cecil to deliver attacks while dodging foes in a quicklike manner. Cecil is a very skilled combatant, mastering karate and urban fighting at age 14. He can also perfrom piggy back combos with his peers, i.e: letting Kim or Ivy hop on his shoulders and perfrom double team attacks on mini bosses and bosses. Cecil is a happy guy and he always loves to make people laugh, however in combat, he is serious and brave. It's no more Mr.Nice Guy when fighting.

Ivy Vennings: Ivy is a 19 year old girl who is also great friends with Kim and Cecil. Ivy isn't human no matter how human-like she looks, but she is actually a Flora-Sapien, a plant-person hybrid, something nobody knows about. She is mostly quiet and shy in school and is barely noticed by anyone except her pals, Kim and Cecil. When in school or talking to anyone in general (except her peers), she is minimally talkative replying with "ok" or nods with the head. She loves sunlight (as like most plants) and tends to become thirsty for water from time to time. She can also eat regular food as well as soil and other plants in secret. Outside of school, she acts like the complete opposite of herself, bursting with enthusiasm and bravery. Her powers is basically growing plants from her wrists at will. This allows her to grow Venus Flytraps, Sand Spurs and Stinging Nettles from her wrists. The nettles don't hurt her either which is a plus. Ivy also wields a Poison Thorn Rod, which slowly drains enemy health by growing a a plant that will tie the enemy up until it breaks free. She may be a ray of sunshine, but she will rain on an enemy's parade when in combat.


And that my friends is my presentation. Thankyou for taking the time to read all this and complimenting my works which will begin very soon! Thanks


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