HELLO! Welcome to EnderLegends' Spooky Scary Showcase!This day i'll be showcasing some cool things, like Mario plans, some horror games, some remakes of some new but hated games, and more!


Before we get into all of the spooky scary action tomorrow, we need to reveal some stuff about our favorite plumber, SUPER MARIO!

Lets get into the action!

Mario Kart: Paper Power!

I'm gonna reveal a few characters and tracks.

Mario and Luigi are racing towards the finish line on a mountain-like course. They jump into paper mode, and use a sharp corner. Suddenly, a classic face appears with a 8-bit koopa shell. "Classic Paper Mario joins the race!" They jump into normal mode, and it is revealed that Classic Paper Mario's regular counterpart is "8-bit Mario". Gameplay is shown off, and the special item "8-Bit Shell" is revealed to be able to hit twice.

A new trailer, taking place in Bowser's Castle. Bowser dodges a huge fireball, and Mario gets hit by it. They then use anti-gravity to race onto the ceiling, and they take a close call with a firebar. Suddenly, snickers are heard. A mysterious kart blurs past. It passes the finish line in first place, and when it slows down, it is revealed to be the koopalings packed into one big car! "The Koopalings join the race!" Bowser Jr. is also revealed in the trailer.

These new tracks are later revealed to be "Peril Peaks" and "Bowser's Castle" respectively.

Mario Party: Dream Dice

A new mario party game. Not much was shown, but we now know the "Mario Party 9" style karts are an optional feature. Characters will include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Wario, and Waluigi. Apparentaly, the new feature is that the dice can sometimes land on a "Dream Square", where characters can skip over parts of the board. However, sometimes when you get a Dream Square, it might turn out to be a nightmare, with ztars and their mini counterparts scattered about. The normal stars from Mario Party 1-8 return, but they return the mini-stars and boss battles from 9. We also know that koopas will be holding shops like in Mario Party 8, and special characters can help with progress.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show RETURNS!

This is obviously a reboot of the original SMBSS. It will be drawn in the classic "cartoony" format. It will feature Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Toad's adventures, and foiling Bowser and his son's, along with the koopalings and their troops' plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. A few episodes have been vaguely revealed.

  • Pilot- Mario and friends travel to Bowser's Castle to defeat bowser after the princess had been captured.
  • Koopzilla- One of the many throwbacks to the original show. Bowser eats a mega mushroom and starts terrorizing mushroom town.


Today we'll preview 2 (5 actually) horror games.

Slender Past

The 3rd game in the Slender: The Eight Pages series! This game will take you through the past hauntings of slender, like the place where the original slender picture was taken, and also into Slenderman's realm, and the proxies which roam the area. It is still early in development, and not much is known so far.

Five Nights- Remake Collection

This is a collection of remakes of the five nights at freddy's series- all on one disc/page! I wanted to do remakes of both 3 and 4, so I decided to make them all. Some changes I have planned are-

  • 3D environments, full viewing of the floor and ceiling.
  • More cameras
  • Darker environment
  • Phantom Bonnie.
  • Custom Night w/ challenges for 3 and 4.

I might as well explain some plans for the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 remake-

The whole story would be better fleshed out in the minigames, giving better hints to the plotline. The nights themselves would have freeroam, and you would be forced to get away from the animatronics, by shutting doors and using your family dog to alert you of a nightmare in the next room. Of course, you would start in the child's room, which is really the safest place to breathe, but once the clock begins to chime your fate will lead to doom!, but if one of the animatronics really does get into the room, they might chase you out of it, and force you to get out. Of course, if you get too close, they'll eventually kill you. One thing you may wonder, is, "how will freddy work?". The Freddles (yes, scott's actually confirmed this was their name in fnaf world's trailer) will follow you, and you'll need to risk another nightmare like Bonnie's irritation by turning around to flash them. However, you'll know if its safe to flash behind you if there is no breathing- It might help you in some cases!

Of course, N. Bonnie and Chica come from different sides of the house, and are moderately fast- N. Foxy is the fastest- however, he has the dumbest A.I. N. Fredbear would obviously stalk you to be the hardest tronic to deal with- but the others deactivate during his presence. Nightmare is obviously still here, and is just a faster version of fredbear. However, he can also walk through walls, making you use your other defense mechanics. The Toy Nights feature is an after-game "cheat" which will replace the normal animatronics with special ones- specifically the toys. Some will act the same as their original counterparts- however, some will have different A.I. For example, Nightmare Mangle will climb the ceiling, forcing you to look up at some moments. After beating this, it'll enable the Toys on the custom night screen, and unlock a few more challenges.

Today is a New IP Day (Day 3)

I have a new IP, a new game, and some minor things today!


This game would be about a young boy who lives in present time- about around 2017? He discovers that his brother, lets call him Gary for now, had found a old unused time machine in the local dump. They then realize that someone had gone in it, altered time, and made it so that people in the past had made the time machine long ago, and the past now comes down to present time, and the people coming from it- including presidents like George Washington and Abe Lincoln, as well as others, effectively changing the past to effect the present. The brothers notice things changing, like palm trees in their home town, Boston, and some fucked up shit, like farms everywhere, the lack of computers and more.

Chuck Norris- The Game

I don't know what this is gonna be, just-a platforming game based off of Chuck Norris jokes/facts? I honestly don't know, but i felt like doing a chuck norris game for the sake of fun.

Five Nights- Remake Collection

I made a supershitty box-art. There was a small typo with the text- remove the "at Freddy's" part. I might remake it later with a completely new style, and not just shitty game screenshots but for now it'll be this. Fnafcollection

Final Day- RPG Day Yo. I'm sorry for missing yesterday- I was sorta busy (i was at home all day, but my friend kept calling me :P), so here it is. 2 rpgs, based off of 2 completely different games


Just kidding, here are the real things

Minecraft: Version R.P.G A rpg based off of the world of Minecraft. The Minecraft game is very infamous for having a bad fanbase of kids, youtubers and their suckup fans. However, this game is a spinoff in a similar vein to "Minecraft: Story Mode" and is made by a different studio, not mojang, deeming this game uncanon.

This game will have you fight monsters from the game-however, some can become your friends by completing certain tasks for them. The game is very comedic and follows the journey of "Steve" as he journeys through the Minecraft worlds and fights the ender dragon- who has apparently been abusing the Endermen in the dimension as slaves, which is why they pick up blocks. And a reminder- this is uncanon- Endermen aren't really abused in the events of Minecraft.

Some party members will include "Creeps", the socially akward creeper. "Blinky", the angry-ass enderman. "Blazer", the comeback blaze. And who could forget "Zombs" the extremely stupid zombie.

Super Mario RPG- The Seven Corrupted Stars The sequel to SMRPG:LOTSS. I'm having extreme writer's block right now, so I don't have much details :I. Sorry!

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