Day 1, October 30th


The fourth installment of Dark Heart's most prominent game series, Dark Woods IV: Descend. This thrilling new game takes place 2 years after the events of Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns.

Although it takes place 2 years after The Plague Returns, that only counts for the Fantendoverse where Hein lives. In the meantime enough time has passed in the Dark Woods for Ashley to reach an age of 19, making her the same age as the rest of the main characters.

After they thought it was all over, trouble has surfaced again in the Dark Woods which effects everyone living there even Plague Master and Ashley. The Threat discovered the existence of Dark Woods and it's placement between her dimension and those of The Fan and The Enemy. Now she sends down a section of her troops who are led by Eight and takes over the Dark Woods. Plague Master has to seek help from his sworn enemies from the other dimension; Hein, Lily, Rai and Ligeia.

In this game the heroes and villains team up to take down a greater Threat, literally. What will be in store for them in this complete new Dark Woods? Can they trust each other, tension will rise and trust never will be certain, prepare yourself for Dark Woods IV: Descend.


A new title going by the name Terror Terry, a game about plushy's and toys. We follow the story of Terry, a plushy who got his memory wiped from before his transformation. He quickly discovers 5 more plushy's who all still have their memory's from before, except that they didn't know who did this to them. Follow the adventure of venturing through a large toy emporium where they visit fun and crazy areas like LegoLandTM and the Dollhouse Mansion to give some examples.

Will Terry regain his memories back? Who knows. But see him venture in the new game along with his friends Tim, Tessa, Tina, Teddy and Tako through many adventurous levels with lots of puzzle elements and scary enemies!

Terry is an all-around character, Timonthy emphasizes on power, Tessa primarily speed, Teddy has great tech. Tina and Tako are unlockable and have slightly better stats than the other four. Tina more on tech and speed while Tako more on power and defense. How the exact gameplay will work will be announced in the near future.

Of course Terry and his friends will have to face many enemies along the way, who all appear to be henchmen of the mysterious person behind all of this. I have the pleasure to announce 5 of them:

Day 2, October 31st


Dark Heart Games introduces the Fantendo crossover game, Fantendo Xtreme. Imagine a luxurious, tropical island with all the supplements one needs and nothing to worry about. Well, that isn't the case here. Although all those things are present, there is a lot to worry about.

A mysterious person has send out invitations to girls across the Fantendoverse to come to the mysterious island. All of their letters are written personally to them including some personal information about them that will make them come to the island. Once everyone arrived on the island they quickly noticed something was wrong. The island was warped into a pocket dimension with no way out.

The girls are teamed up into four camps around the island who have to compete against each other in various games around the island. And if they don't compete they will be send to the other pocket dimension island described as 'a hell on a beach'.

After every challenge is an elimination round in which the loser team has to vote off one of their members (similar to other shows)... however where they go is unknown. Alliances are formed and trust is something rare on the island. They eventually try to explore the island more to discover what is behind all this, while slowly losing more members.

Next to the 'Story Mode' there also is 'Free Mode'. Unlike the Story Mode, Free Mode doesn't feature any story. The player can select their preferred character and compete against others in mini-games around the island, explore the various locations around the island and try to become friends with others. You can play a week (in-game) with a character and then Free Mode ends.

In addition there also is 'Mini-game Mode' where one only can play the mini-games and see who emerges as victor, similar to games like Mario Party.

Feel free to sign-up any of your characters for Fantendo Xtreme. I know there has been some controversy about this when I placed sign-ups before, but I hope with the game better explained that it will get more interest and won't be discarded as a copy of Dead or Alive Xtreme (which I did have as basis for the game).


Remember the preview I showed some time ago? I didn't forget about it. I introduced you to two new characters named Ephraim and Shiphrah who are slated to appear in the next installment of Dark Woods. For the ones who follow Dark Woods: Hollow Remnants, or know about Father Trip, may be interested in this.

Ephraim and Shiphrah are the apprentices of Father Trip who Hein and Ligeia meet in Hollow Remnants. They were adopted by Trip at young age and trained by him to become the warriors who they are today. Trip got light of the situation concerning the Dark Woods and noticed that Hein and the others had already departed for the dimension. Ephraim and Shiphrah are tasked by their mentor to travel to the Dark Woods and help the others.

Although they also are in the battle against The Threat they only appear for a few chapters in the main story. But for the first time there is a side-story that is unlocked after completing the main story. This side-story centers around Ephraim and Shiphrah's story in the Dark Woods and the threats they encounter during it. Find more out about this in Dark Woods IV: Descend.

Day 3, November 1st

I'm a bit late late with the last day, but whatevs

Surprise, surprise, I'm going to announce another brand new game. Unlike the others it will take some time before it will actually start up and will be worked on late 2016, start 2017. With this I introduce you to the game Shining Sun.

This is a game that I made when I was very young, and found somewhere between my stash of drawings again. I reviewed it and made a lot of changes. At first you would be able to play in a team of 6 characters based on environmental things. This concept quickly changed and was reduced to two playable characters, till it eventually became only 1 playable character, who in the first place wasn't even the main character.

The story revolves around Cloud, a regular cloud person who lives close to the surface of Earth. He loves studying humans but wonders what goes on beyond the atmosphere as well. He has contact with Shine, who he finds out is a manifestation of the actual sun when Shine brings grave news. A meteor is heading towards Earth and the Sun trusts Cloud to stop Meteor. Cloud takes on the task and is quested to collect the Fallen Stars who are near the surface of Earth to create a force-field of light strong enough to launch Meteor back into space.

As you can see Cloud is our playable character and is accompanied by Shine, a projection from Sun, who acts as a guide through the game. Cloud has the ability to control the wind, but later on can gain different environmental powers by interacting with different environmental elements. The game is similar to classic RPG games like Final Fantasy and Mother, despite there being only one playable character and might even resemble the Mario&Luigi series the most.

Acquiring the special abilities can be done through various ways. One might want to become friends with the boss of the area, find one of the few friendly characters, or an ancient artifact. The problem is that the condition for that area can change depending on what is chosen. When becoming friends with the boss, the whole area becomes friendly and there is almost no way to train there to become stronger. When accepting the offer from a friend, the friend will die which will effect Cloud, the artifact on the other hand will take a long time to find (unless one is cheating) and may cause Meteor to land before all the Fallen Stars are collected. To note all the Fallen Stars are in the possession of the area's boss.

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