October 30th

Well hello, and welcome to my first ever Showcase, I guess? Don't expect this to be the best, as I said, first showcase. Let us start with the first game!


This was the game I teased, and here I am, announcing it! Magma Sentinels follows the species that live in the Bermuda (known as the Magma Sentinels) And the struggle to survive, especially in hard times like these! This is an open world RPG (similar to Borderlands, but less guns) and features many things like raid bosses, quests, and even DLC packs to unlock new places! There are 3 classes, and those are...


This character, known as King Ash, is the most balanced out of the three, he has the ability to wield legendary swords and use his special power, known as Chosen Blade, which unleashes an army of magic swords outward, dealing massive damage!


Miss Birnstone appears as the archer in this game! She is faster then the other three, but gives up some defense for that. She uses bows and sometimes even guns. Her special attack is Phoenix Arrow, which allows her to shoot an arrow that splits into 4, and penetrates through enemies! The Phoenix Arrow lasts for about 30 seconds, but stops once the timer is over. And now last, but not least.


This hammer wielding juggernaut, known as Graveltone, is the slowest character, but if used correctly is the strongest out of the three. His special attack is known as Bezerk, which increases his speed, defense, and attack temporarily.

And those are the three characters! The game features multiplayer, so you don't have to fight the raid bosses alone! I guess that is all.. See you tomorrow, I guess?

October 31st

Well welcome to Day 2! Now you may have seen my thread about a Fantendo RPG. I'm unvealing a LITTLE bit more things here, but let us start with the story.

Once upon a time in Crystalist World, a smaller universe that contains most Fantendoverse characters. A tribe of beasts called Crystralions invaded, and sealed most of the defenders up into Crystal Cells, and stored them in a large floating labyrinth in the sky. When the X-Torians decided to wage war against the Crystralions, they blew a hole in that floating labyrinth, causing many of the Crystal Cells to fall out, some survived the fall, while some didn’t. Meanwhile, Unten, a former guardian of Crystalist, had crashed in his Crystal Cell in a forest, the impact cracked the Crystal Cell open, allowing the matter to slip out and form back into Unten. He decides to see if anyone else survived, investigating the forest.

So yes, Unten is the first Party Member, but let us unveil the others, shall we?


The mascot of Fantendo, and one of the last beorns. He is the first playable party member and is by far the most balanced one.


More of a melee character, and a crazed one aswell. Leah also uses syringes to aid her party members and poison enemies.


More of a ranged character, usually using attacks based from electricity. He does not acquire his Galvan Scarf until later in the game.


Aran is more of a melee character, usually using his bionic arm to fight, he sometimes uses his dark magic powers aswell.




I cannot find a character that I should put in this spot, if you guys can find one that should be a Party Member just tell me in the comments.

Now, there is one enemy that I will unveil for now, and that will be it for today, cya tomorrow!


Creatures that leaked out of a crystal cell that was majorly damaged, causing reconstruction to fail and creating a monstrosity. Style varies from each one.

November 1st

Now, there isnt much to reveal, so all I'm gonna say is I have a pokemon game planned, and I'll leave you with a trailer for Fantendo RPG.

Unten bolted across the forest as massive crystals fell from the sky, taking out trees and shattering, throwing pieces of old Fantendo Warriors around. He dodged a crystal as it smashed beside him, throwing him forward. He stumbled upwards and turned around, only to see Doomulus Grime forming. He went into a bolt as Doomulus took after him, shouting loudly. The crystals began to fall more frequently, and enemies began to leak out of them, some forming incorrectly, creating a Failure. Unten stops as a massive crystal crashes infront of him, he turns around to run, but Doomulus Grime is standing right behind him. He looked straight up at the beast as it towered over him, laughing. A sword flies downward toward Unten, and the screen goes black. 

Well thats all for the Showcase, folks! Go home now! There is nothing else left.

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