Day 1 (10/31): PokéMilitary

Here is where I start my first showcase! First, we're doing PokéMilitary.

PokéMilitary is a sixth-generation RTS (real-time-strategy) Pokémon game. This means that it uses real-life-time to decide outcomes, actions, and most events.

The game's main gameplay is building on the player's city, which is inhabited by various Pokémon. Your city will have a leader, which can be changed throughout the game, although there are only 21 usable leaders at the beginning of the game (all of the starters, alongside Pikachu, Munchlax, and Riolu). Each leader has advantages and disadvantages with leading the city.

The city can be expanded through conquering tiles inhabited by wild Pokémon. If the player defeats the wild Pokémon, on occasion, the wild Pokémon may want to join their city, and, depending on their lifestyle preference, may want to join the player's army of Pokémon as well. Pokémon in the city will gain the player money, which can be used to purchase material.

Some tiles are blocked by natural objects, such as lakes, trees, rocks, and more. These can be removed, although it will cost time and money.

In-battle gameplay has a system different from Pokémon, but borrowing a few key elements from it; notable features in-battle borrowed from the main series include types and attacks. The player will go onto the battling field, and will move around tiles, performing actions alongside the way (in a format resembling Pokémon Conquest's). Like in the main series, Pokémon will gain Exp. and level up from battling Pokémon.

Shiny Pokémon appear within the game, as well. There is an item known as the Shinifier, which if held for a large amount of time, can turn the holder shiny if they level up enough. Aside from that method, sometimes, shiny Pokémon can replace regular Pokémon in the wild, like in the main games. However, shinies are extremely rare, and have half a chance to want to join the player's city than their normally-colored counterpart does. Shiny Pokémon can also commonly be obtained in bundle packs. Shiny Pokémon produce more money than regular Pokémon do, but level up slower.

Throughout the game, there will be boss fights that tie to the story, and Legendary Pokémon will appear throughout the game, being obtained through special methods. The bosses of the game will always join the player's city (they cannot be denied regardless) and classify as a form of the species they are. The game would be available on both Steam and Mobile devices (specifically the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android).

I hope you enjoyed this!

Day 2 (11/1): Mario Kart Delta

Here comes the next game...
MKDelta Logo
Mario Kart Delta is my upcoming idea for a Mario Kart game. It will be the thirteenth installment in the series (twelfth if Mario Kart: Drift Dash is not included) and will be available on the Blizzard X.

The game has the gameplay of most Mario Kart games, but introduces some new features. To start off, rather than the normal 8/10/12 racers per game, 14 racers can race during a Grand Prix, and the player can choose to have 4-14 racers during VS Mode. Therefore, to work with the 14 racers, there are 15 default characters within the game. Here they are below:

A new feature of the game includes the interactive feature. The feature allows you to interact with some of the course's features. For instance, if there are Potted Piranha Plants around the player's kart, normally, they would either simply pass them or run into them and get eaten, but when the interactive button is pressed, the player can pick up the Piranha Plant and use it in a similar manner as the item in Mario Kart 8. This cuts down on a large amount of items and adds some new gameplay to the series.

There is also the introduction of the new Opposition mode. If the player runs off a green ramp, they will activate Opposition Mode, and they now have their stats reversed; if their Speed stat was "1", it is now "10". If their handling was "4", it is now "6". This adds a new turn to the races and makes it much more tricky than before. Opposition Mode's de-activation ramp is a dark red color.

A new level editor function is added to the game, allowing them to create their own levels and share them with the Mario Kart Delta community. Speaking of the community, the player has their own User Profile if they have a Blizzard Account, allowing them to join the official Mario Kart Delta chat, friend people, and comment on various levels and posts. They may also customize their profile to change their message to viewers and their profile avatar.

Day 2 (11/1): Special Event

If you'd like, only today on Fantendo's Chat, you can ask me anything about my projects or the two upcoming ones above.


Thanks for viewing my showcase! It isn't as good as most other showcases (likely), but next time I will make sure to make a great showcase with more information! Make sure to tune in to my company's official news page to see information on these and other upcoming projects! KinglerMaster (TBC)

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