Blender Maximum

Day 1

Super Mario Galaxy 3

Bowser's back again for the nth time and he's going to destroy the universe and get some cake, but now he's actually going to destroy the universe and not just conveniently wait for Mario to find him. No, seriously, he destroys it right at the beginning of the game. That wasn't so hard, was it?

Mario, being Mario, gets out of it and needs to defeat Bowser yet again by getting more Power Stars and there's nothing else worth mentioning yet. Mario can spin again because of Luma and the new hub is the "Dimensional Comet Observatory," whatever, yeah.

À La Mode

À La Mode is an upcoming RPG/adventure game involving ice cream. Unlike some traditional RPGs, this game will not feature turn-based battles. The game will be released for the Wii U. It may feature 3D and 2D elements.

Not going to say much more about the plot of this game because I honestly don't have too much planned yet, but it will take place in a world where ice cream- surprise- is the main source of power.

Day 2

Auras: Info

So, here's some info on the Auras series. I'm just going to be revealing a few characters today actually. The first one is Reese Darkwater. She's the CEO of some company. She has abilities relating to the mind, such as mind control or telekinesis. She will have a major role in the plot, but there's not really much else that I can say about her yet, unfortunately.

The second character will be named Ramona Cassette. She will be the third character in the series to have Auras after Aura herself and Violet. Her Auras will be based off of several genres of music. I'm not sure what she will have to do with the game quite yet. Maybe she could be a second player, but I'm not sure how that would work.

The final character that I will announce today, J0N, is basically the stereotypical robot character. He speaks in a modified version of binary code. Don't worry, he will be translated at some point. He's really just the guide.

If you want something exciting about this series, Aura's Junkyard Two is already in the planning stages even though I'm not close to being finished with the first one.

Splatoon Tint: Info

Today, I will be announcing several things for Splatoon Tint, including new weapon types, new game modes, new stages, and new features. First up, I'm going to reveal two new stages: Salmon Mines and Haddock Station. Salmon Mines will be an underground area with rocks that can give you boosts and mine carts to ride in. Haddock Station will be a space station. Its mechanic will be areas that switch gravity. One team starts on the top half and the other team starts on the bottom. Hammerhead Bridge and Flounder Heights will also be returning.

Next, the game will introduce Ink Powers. In any battle mode, you can use a special power by getting 100 points via inking turf. These special powers are rather minor, but include things such as stealing the gear of anybody that you splat within the next 10 seconds for a little while or getting a second bar of ink. Powers are specific to certain weapons, but there will be at least two for each one. These powers will be automatically activated after getting 100 points. Modes that did not include points in the past game now do, and will count towards your experience albeit less than in Turf War mode.

A new weapon type will now be revealed: Gloves! Gloves allow your Inkling to spin around and ink turf in a circular shape. Holding down the attack button after spinning around will give the gloves a farther range, but they will be less efficient over time. Inklings will also move slower while spraying ink with these.

Another new feature that will be added into the game will be Goals. These are mini-events that occur each day. You will team up with other Inklings to achieve certain goals. These goals can give you money, Super Sea Snails, and occasionally items as well. For example, one of the goals could be a turf war where you can only use sub-weapons. The game's amiibo functionality can also unlock extra goals to complete each day.

Finally, Crazy Paint is a new game mode for Insane Battles. It will be similar to Six-Minute Madness, but instead of the modes switching out every thirty seconds, the modes are present for the whole time. The amount of time is also the same as in other modes. There will be four randomly chosen modes for each map along with Turf War. Instead of getting a knockout, each mode completed will reset and give the team a large amount of points.

Day 3

Guardians of the Galaxy

So, here's some information about a game with the most obvious teaser I gave in the previous for this showcase for a game that I had pretty much already announced a while ago anyways. I don't know if this will still be part of the MGU or not if that's even still a thing, but I'm making it anyways. As opposed to my previous game (made for the MGU), Apocalypse Hulk, this game will try to be unique to other superhero titles.

The game will feature a large roster, including Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Adam Warlock, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Agent Venom, Major Victory, Quasar, Mantis, Cosmo the Spacedog, and others. The plot will be loosely based on the Legacy storyline.

Fantendo Demons

It's time to break the rules.
Edgy tagline

A group of "heroes" must fight against an alternate Fantendoverse before it floods into reality. This universe's residents, known as Concepts, mostly consist of heavily altered versions of Fantendo characters. This game will likely have a total of 20-30 main chapters alongside some bonus and/or DLC levels. Each chapter/level will, for the most part, take place on a different world in the alternate reality, each based on a specific game. Some characters will probably appear in different worlds as well due to the limited amount of levels. Sign-ups will begin soon, I guess.

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