The Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase (or shortened as SSFS) is an upcoming showcase hosted by Marina for Halloween in 2015. The showcase will take place over the three days of Friday, October 30th through Sunday, November 1st.

The SSFS, due to the rising trend of previews and trailers to presentations, will be the first to have an official form of presentations for these trailers, starting on Friday, September 25th.

The SSFS is planned to have special events taking place throughout the month of October in order to keep motivation for writing high-- for example, writing competitions and specially themed community drawing events. Stay tuned for many new upcoming events!



Main Article: Previews

The previews of the presentations are made in order to allow users to get special information on what particular writers may be presenting once the day of official presentations comes. Note that previewing is totally optional.

Previewing is officially allowed as of Friday, September 25th and should end on Thursday, October 29th.


Main Article: Presentations

The main event of the SSFS, this is the time which users present their upcoming articles and ideas. It works just as most previous presentations in which users have any time over the three days to present their material.

Presenting will not start until Friday, October 30th. Presenting will officially end on Sunday, November 1.

Writing Competition

Can be found here. Submissions will be accepted until October 24 and voting will take place until the 31st.

Community Draw

Can be found here. Submissions will be accepted until October 24 and voting will take place between then and October 30.

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