Spooky, the main protagonist!

Spooky's Adventure is a game developed by Piranha Plant Inc. It is the first game in the Spooky Series. It is rated E10+ for cartoon violence and crude humor.


The game follows Spooky, a ghost who was sleeping peacefully in his coffin, when all of a sudden, his coffin was dug up and tossed away! He saw that humans were tearing down his graveyard home, and building a city. This made Spooky mad, and he vowed to get revenge on the humans, even if he has to travel all the way back.


Spooky's Adventure is a 2-D sidescrolling game. Spooky cannot attack, but he can scare humans to paralyze them. He can then posses the human's body, and use whatever weapon they had. If Spooky is hit by a flashlight, he will die. But if he posesses a human, it will protect him from one attack. There is also special items that act like armor for spooky, such as mummy wrap, ecto-goo, etc. Spooky can also glide down large gaps. Being a ghost, Spooky can turn intangible for a short time, and pass through certain walls and enemies.


Mummy Wrap-Gives Spooky some mummy wrap to protect him from one attack.

Ecto-Goo-Covers Spooky in protective slime so he is thicker and can go through water.

Chain Weight-A weight that will attach to Spooky's tail so it will weigh him down so he can go through fast winds.

Armor-Makes Spooky invincible for a short time.



Spooky is a determined ghost who will never back down from a challenge. He can also have some anger issues if his home is involved.

Mick Moneybanks

The main antagonist of the game. He plans to rid the world of all graveyards so he can pave over them and start a city. He runs Moneybanks Building Co.


A pink female ghost who was sent away from the graveyard along with Spooky. She serves as a second playable character, and is rumored to be Spooky's love interest....


A tough, orange, drill-sergeant ghost. He teaches new moves to Spooky and Sarah. He is very bossy and likes to be in charge.


Spooky can use a variety of moves. Here is a list of all of them:

Scare:Available from the start, can be used by Spooky and Sarah.

Posses: Available from the start, can be used by Spooky and Sarah.

Float:Available from the start, can be used by Spooky and Sarah.

Intangible:Taught by Kai, Can be used by Spooky and Sarah

Charm:Taught by Kai, can only be used by Sarah.

Grab:Taught by Kai, can only be used by Spooky.

Artwork of Sarah.


It has been rumored there will be a Spooky 2. Piranha Plant Inc. confirmed this rumor and said they are in development of Spooky 2.


  • This was originally going to be called Adventures of Spooky, but the name was changed for unknown reasons.

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