To celebrate the Splatfest based on Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants, here's a fanon crossover transcript story of Splatoon and SpongeBob I hope you'll enjoy and give comments about it. Enjoy


SpongeBob and friends are greeted by the Inklings.


French Narrator: It was a beautiful day down in the Bikini Bottom under the sea, and everybody are having good quality times, even to Mr. Squidward Tentacles.

Squidward: (happily hums to his own melody as her look all through the book shelf to find which book to read until he picks a green one) Ah, here it is, my favorite kind of a book, "What's a Life Being Loved by Everyone Due to Your Talent?" This is something that I always been dreamed about being loved by everyone with my talents, because I have such good talents; playing with my clarinet, doing art, dancing, and compose music. But what else I'm talent with? Who knows.

(as Squidward opens his favorite book and is about read, the splat noise is suddenly heard)

Squidward: (startles) What the...? What that? (looking around concerning where the noise comes from, but shurgs, thinking it was nothing and continues to read while suddenly, another splat noise is heard) Huh?! (annoyed and thinking it was nothing, he continues to his book, but loud splatting noise is heard while the whole is shaking like an earthquake, which cause Squidward to panic) WHAT IN NAME OF NEPTUNE IS GOING ON?! (then a splatting noise stops. Squidward walks to the door to open to investigate what was going on outside) What's going out there? SpongeBob, Patrick? What that you two making all tha--- (then he dramatically gasps as he frantically looks around to see that his house and his front yard is covered by blue and orange liquids everywhere) HOLY SHRIMP!!!! MY HOUSE! MY YARD! (angrily) SPOOOOONGEBOOOOOOOB!!!!!!! PATRIIIIIIICK!!!!

SpongeBob and Patrick: (arrived out from the screen and the other) Good morning, Squidy-ol' pal!

Squidward: Don't "Squidy-ol' pal" me, you two barnacle-brained twits!

Patrick: Gee, Squidward, you're quite of grumpy, you should get some more sleep.

Squidward: SHUT UP, YOU PINK LUMMOX!!! Take look around you two! What is this?!

SpongeBob: Whoa, what a mess.

Squidward: Of course it's a mess! My house, my front yard, and my property are such huge mess with those... those liquid stuff that I don't know what they are you made! How do you explain this?

SpongeBob: Gee, Squidward, we have no idea what you're talking about? And we not sure how this happened your property? We didn't do this?

Squidward: (sarcastically) Oh, good point, SpongeBob. That's a likely story.

SpongeBob: We didn't do this, honestly.

Squidward: Yeah you did, I know it's a lie. You two are just being stupid playing around my property and splattered everywhere out here while I was enjoying myself inside my house.

SpongeBob: (laughs) Oh, come one, Squid', we never do that playing around to your property.

Squidward: (sarcastically) Really? Then what were you two doing?

Patrick: We were just enjoying ourselves too.

Squidward: Oh, whatever, but next time you two, stay out of my property and stop making mess to my house, only make a mess for your own houses. Now if you excuse me, I gotta go inside and get my cleaning equipment to clean up my house and my yard thanks you. (walks inside his house)

SpongeBob: I already told you, Squidward, we didn't do this!

Patrick: What's up with him, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: I dunno, Pat, but I swear we didn't do this, did we?

Patrick: (thinking and look around the splatted mess) Hmmm..... Did we do this?

SpongeBob: I don't think so. But I know that somebody or one or thing may caused this mess. But who or what can it be?

Patrick: (gasps) SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Yes, Patrick?

Patrick: Look!

(The two looks around to see all the splats are disappearing bu themselves)

SpongeBob: (amazed) Wow! Squidward will never going to believe this.

Squidward: (coming out with his cleaning equipment and then looks around to see his clean house and yard) What the?

(To Be Continued and Finished)

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