The Idiot Box
SpongeBob Idiot Box Cover2
SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward entering in the box.
Developer(s) THQ, Nickelodeon Games
Publisher(s) Nickelodeon
Platform(s) PC, PlayStation 4,Xbox One, Wii U, Wii 2  
Release Date(s)
History, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer.
Age Rating(s)
Everyone Rating Photo, PEGI3+
Genre(s) Imagination, Action, Survivor Horror, RPG, Adventure, Comedy
Series SpongeBob SquarePants
Predecessor SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game, SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger.

The Idiot Box is a cancelled game developed by THQ and to be published by the Nickelodeon before the closure of THQ financial problems. The game for the first time would have the main character Squidward rather than Bob or Patrick, and that would be a game much more realistic than the others in the series, since it would be developed in Unreal Engine 4, would have surround sound, and would be available curiously at the Wii U and Wii 2, and only the Wii 2 has support for Unreal Engine 4. Based on SpongeBob episode with the same name.



A Baron 58 of the game, showing all their graphic potential, not used in the game, it would be an option to play the penultimate stage.

The game begins with Bob and Patrick standing in front of a mailbox. Suddenly a truck arrives at the yard of house Squidward unloading a giant box with an LED TV. Patrick pronounced: Wow! Our box arrived! and open the box. With a great effort, Bob and Patrick remove the TV from the box, and throw in the trash, leaving only an empty box. Squidward, who was watching all the window, decides to go out to see what was happening. Bob and Patrick are hidden inside the box to play. Squid, estranged with the situation says: "Let me see if I understand: you bought a giant television, just to be able to have the box?" and two out of the box. Patrick pronounces: "I thought it would not work." "I had something else I would like to ask, what was it, aa ... Oh, I remember!" and shouts: "BY CHANCE YOU HAVE NO BRAIN NO ?!" and Bob says: "Squidward, do not need television, all we need is a box, and IMAGINATION!". "Great, SpongeBob! Can I have a TV?". Bob: "With IMAGINATION, I can be whatever! I want a pirate! ARGH!!! A footballer! HUP!!!!" and Patrick interrupted, saying, "A star of the sea". Squidward: "But, Patrick, you are already a starfish." "See? It works, try it!". "Gosh, I did not know that! Let me try, let's see .. I'm imagining myself watching TV, and there she is! I can get the TV?". Bob: "But of course!". "Wow, what a beauty!" And after removing trash television, takes her to his house to pushing. Bob and Patrick decide to play to climb mountains hiding inside the box. After realizing that he had forgotten the remote control, you decide to go to the backyard again to the yard again to search for him and discovers that the control was on the side of the box. After saving control in your pocket, notes the two inside the box climbing the supposed mountain, followed by wind sounds amazing and avalanches, while Patrick screamed trying to overcome a stone, "Bob, I'm doing everything !!" and Bob tells Patrick, "Patrick, better keep it down, not to cause avalanches." "What ?!" "I said it's better to talk down to not cause avalanches!", "What to do down it ?!" and Bob shouts: "It is DOWN TALK BEST BEFORE ..." and Squidward, outside, kick the box, also shouting, "Let's shut up you two !!" and causes an avalanche inside the box, so great, that opens and sucks Squidward into it. Then the game begins.


Name Picture Stats Type Unlock
SpongeBob Spongebob1 It is the best friend of Patrick and the annoying neighbor Squidward. It is a happy person all the time, despite winning just the place where you work.
Patrick Patrick Star It is the best friend of Bob and also neighbor, however, this does not irritate as much as Bob Squidward. His life is summed up in two words: "Oops, I forgot!", For not being a very intelligent person.
Squidward Squidward Tentacles.svg Interestingly, the main character of the game. It's a grouchy person currently, however, it appears much calmer than in the episodes, although still kicking things and get angry in the game



GameCube A Jump
GameCube A + GameCube A Double Jump
GameCube B Attack
GameCube X Enter the vehicle
GameCube Y Crouch
GameCube Circle Pad Movement
GameCube C Stick Adjust camera
GameCube LTrigger Zoom +
GameCube RTrigger Zoom -
Gamecube-Dpad-Neutral Adjust character
GameCube Z Run


Name Picture Stats -
Mount Everest Mount Frost That's where the game begins. After being sucked into the avalanche that caused it, Squidward appears buried with Bob and Patrick Star, the latter two with frozen legs. The Squidward's mission is to save the two most annoying neighbors from the world of electric saw and continue up the mountain.
Island Pirates and Robots 1 fiji castaway island best resorts family vacations Soon after entering the box again to see how it works, Squidward decides to go to the island of pirates and robots to fight Gentleman Matuno and the moon, only for him to come home and watch TV again.
Bikini Bottom Speedway  MarioKartRaceCarGTA Squidward tries to find a supposed button that was inside the box, but finds that there is only an empty box! And he says: "Control yourself Squidward, what did you say? Can you believe I'm sitting here, and now you're pretending I'm driving a car, suddenly I'll get to hear the noise, is it? And the car "on" and scene empty box turns into a race track of the city.
Report on Helicopter DownloadRobinsonr22 This and the last level are not very well developed in some cases, the screen freezes or the game features several bug textures when using DirectX 12/11, or OpenGL 2.0 or lower. In addition level is incomplete, which means that the phase is endless. The neighbors trio go up on top of a helicopter with a camera each, flying to places where Bikini Bottom is presenting danger.
Police Chase No image The level is poorly done entirely due to the fact that a pre-beta yet. It's just seen the introduction phase: Bob, Patrick and Squidward are police and are in a national bank of the slot when the bandit out there carrying bags full of money into the car and says, "You will not be able to catch me, strips" and go out with the car. Clearly, the police go after the ill-factor in a car, but when the phase begins, the game crashes in a scene that is visible in the background more welcome levels of Bob's imagination, but were discontinued with the bankruptcy of THQ; Some rumors say it may be a cache thief; Others claim to be a new phase or an Easter Egg game.


In terms of gameplay, the game appears to be a little different from other series: Squidward is a little faster than Bob and Patrick, despite having the suction cups suck to the ground. The controls are easier and quicker to learn, since the character to cling to a wall, it is only necessary that the X button is pressed twice. The graph is much more realistic and can be compared with the current animation series added realistic shadows and animation of unrivaled quality. It would be possible to play with friends through each console server with Online IdiotBox available through THQ's servers if the company went bankrupt not.


  • Pirate Sword
  • Police Car
  • Helicopter
  • Coins
  • Cards
  • Imagination Boxes
  • Recorder Box


  • It would be the first game to have Squidward as the main character.
  • It would be the first game developed in Unreal Engine.
  • It was the most critically acclaimed.
  • It was made with former Pixar animators.
  • Interestingly, it would be the successor of games: SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants !, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger.